Sunday, October 29, 2006

They Shootin!!!

I had a dream, I decided one day I dont just want to be an artist. I want to be a mogul, running shit on all aspects. I put my mind to that and i've been going since. Now about a month or so I decided to shoot videos for my mixtape. Now niggas shoot videos for ablums, I said fuck it why not do em for mixtapes? So I got with my team and we put together a gameplan. Let me tell you the setbacks, the doubt, the bullshit, and the hate we encountered during the road to shooting the 1st video. But you know what you gotta expect that when you tryna take over the world, nobody wants you to win! But fuck it, the rain couldnt stop us, the cops couldnt stop us, the cold ass weather couldnt stop us, the hate couldnt stop us, NOTHING stopped us from completing the task we set out for. I want to thank EVERYBODY involved in the project, everybody who came thru in the fucked up weather, everybody who couldnt make it but sent their love, everybody who hated, everybody who doubted, everybody! Love is all Love...Thank God for making me so damn stubborn and hardheaded to the point where I dont listen to the bullshit people kick in my ear. Keep praying on my downfall, my prayers for upliftment are 100 times harder! With that said, the world premier of the "Know The Ledge '06" video will be this friday November 3rd 2006 at 5 o'clock. So tune in to check out the 1st installment of "The Great Adventures Of DoPE!" videos. "Its The Shoes" coming sooner than you think!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Audio of the Kiss! YUCK!!!!!!!!

Baby talking about the pics of them kissing...yuck!!! Lmao@he calls lil wayne his "thing" and repeatedly refers to him as his "shorty"...lmao!!! YUCK!!!!!!

I Cant Believe This Shit!!! YUCK!!!!


Guess Who's Bizzack!

So sorry ya'll been waiting! Told ya'll the updates were gonna be slowed up due to my new found friend called college. Well since I got a moment ima tell ya'll that the Know The Ledge video is being shot this weekend! The world premier will be right here on the blog along with a special behind the scenes documentary of the making of the video and the new mixtape so look for that in the next 2 weeks. Hmmm what else? Oh yeah welcome home to my man Showcase the Hang Em High knockout artist aka He'll fuck you up for messing with DoPE!


Torchy got a new hairstyle! Well til later on im gonna make these final arrangements for the video so to all who know whats to know bout the video, see you there, to everyone else, cant wait to show it to ya'll! DoPE!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

In The Studio With HeatmakerzVideo!!!

Check me out in the studio with the Heatmakerz working on that "Crash" album, hmmm I wonder what the fuck is the "Crash" album? Hmmmm...I'm not telling! Maybe a few weeks from now. Anyway check me out as I talk my shit on the music.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Out On The Town!

Geeeez im so tight I didnt have my camera/film crew with me yesterday. It was a regular day of school turned into a day of excitement. Well I met up with Hollywood after school and dipped around a few spots to take care of some odds and ends, then to the studio to work on the Heatmakerz mixtape, then "Miss Lady" came to say Hi to me at the studio for a minute. Like I told ya'll I got a few celebrity homies, so my man Tyresse aka BLack Ty had a show at BB Kings last nite, so he hits me up and I hang with him for the rest of the nite. We hit the Hip Hop Summit Action Network dinner at Chelsea Piers. Now Everybody who is somebody except Oprah was at this dinner. I mean I shook hands with Magic Johnson! That made my night all by itself. Then it was off to BB Kings where we hung backstage for a few b4 it was time for Ty to perform. Backstage it was nothing but jokes and laughs as Red Cafe', Fabolous, Tyresse, and my niggas Rehad got ready to tear it down. The show was definately dope! To my homie International Alicia I say to you HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAA!!! (Inside joke) Im mad as shit I aint get no pics tho but I surfed online and found this flick I took at the HHSAN dinner.

Thats me and my niggas Rehab (Right: Stixx from LA and to my Left: BJ from Chi-Town)
All in all it was a great day I must say. Special shouts to Fabolous who was shot last night after the show. Hope all is well homie, hold ya head. Til tomor, *DoPE!* signing off.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Spread Love Not War!

Few updates for the day. 1st off, my 1st week of school was swell, i'm enjoying it right now. 2ndly I finally got the complete footage to the Epydemik dvd sneaker segment posted below. So soon as I get it youtube'd then the entire segment will be up. Shouts to Esteban, Sin City, Omen and the whole EMW Team. 3rd check for my man L.G's new project "Industry Co-Sign Pt. 3" cd/dvd out now. I'm in the music video for "Here Withcha" but not on the mix-tape, its all love tho, make sure you support my homie! .4th There will definately be a video shoot for the "Know-The-Ledge" freestyle sometime next week, just trying to finalize location, date and time. So soon as I am aware of whats going on, I will definately post it. 4th, there will be also definately most positively be a video for "Its The Shoes" being shot sometime within the next 3 weeks or so. So all NYC sneaker heads get your most coveted kicks ready for only the ILLEST pairs will make it on the video, so get your foot game right. Last I just wanna shout out the flyest blog on the net right now, the only blog really fucking with The High Life, my peoples down at i'm on this site everyday checking for updates and checking out flicks of fly shit universal. Shouts to the whole Circus Crew doing their thing. Other than that i'm just plain ol DoPE! Tonight is Sneaker Pimps and i'm like so not sure if i'm gonna be there but who knows. Til tomor DoPE! signing off.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Raw Report Interview (Video!) Pt. 1 & 2

Fair Warning!

As you may have noticed the 1st youtube video I posted of me in the studio has been deleted. A certain someone later on decided to not be included in the footage. So the footage is being re-edited and will be reposted asap. Now this is going to be my only time speaking on this subject. If you see me, and you see a camera whether video or photo around me ACTIVELY, and you desire to not be included in the footage, that is your choice. Now if you ACTIVELY participate and interact with the camera KNOWINGLY of the intentions of the footage I CAN and more than likely WILL use the footage for the blog posts. I have made this one exception because I never addressed the topic, but now that I have, I will NOT, I repeat NOT waste my or my camera team's (Pillz and Mike whattup!) precious time dealing with bullshit and going back to re-edit or delete posts. We analyze the posts attentively numerous times before they are posted, if you know anything about editing film, it takes HOURS! So in fairness to my team, I shall not ask them to re-edit ANYTHING!!! at the request of someone else besides the 4 names listed as contributors to the blog (Dope, Ody, Torch, and Hollywood) So you can take that how you want it I could give a fuck, just know, if you dont want to be on film/blog, just say so, dont participate and then have a change of heart later on. That being said, I'm going back to class. Til Later on, *DoPE!*

Monday, October 09, 2006

Dope Goes Back To School!

Finally after a long delay, DoPE! is back in school!!! Getting my degree in Visual Communications at ______ school (if you know then you know, no need to broadcast). This was my decision to go back to school and I chose this field for a few tricks I have up my sleeve. DoPE! is bigger than music. So if I seem to not be heavy on the updates, pardon me, I have a full schedule, 5 days a week and I have 2 classes that are 5 hours each!!! So you know I gotta take this school shit seriously cuz its expensive as hell!!!! So wish me luck ya'll, I got 18 months in this program and then I graduate with a degree in Visual Communications and then I could turn the heat up on the world. Dont worry everything else is still in place. Got a few announcements to make later this week, maybe one tonight soon as I get confirmation. Til then, DoPE! signing off.

Show Me What You Got (Left)!!!

This is my only thought on the new Jay-Z song "Show Me What You Got"

Get my drift? Some retirements are best left fulfilled!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Its The Shoes!!! (Interview Video)

Since we are on the Youtube run here I figure I bring this footage out of retirement for a while. Check me out as I talk my sneaker shit!

Somebody find out what the hell happened to the actual dvd?!?! I have no clue, I need the extended footage.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Leaders of The New School Performance: Video!!!

This is the world famous footage of the Leaders of the New School performance on 9/11/06 check it out: