Sunday, November 30, 2008

Funniest Shit Ever!

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Clark snapped with these Air's

The Message...

So me and my homie Taz Arnold put together a nice fashion event last month and it was a huge success. Thanks for all who came out and all who supported. It was def a mark on the LA fashion scene and it made the message clear that wack shit is going out of style. The kings are back to reclaim the throne. Ha! Check the event:

Curtains and Taz crowning Bailey the best dressed cat in LA

Bailey from Flight Club LA is the newly crowned Best Dressed cat in LA. Check the fit!

Kyle is 16 and he came in 2nd place. Much props to him on the Keith Haring jacket.

Trouble makers! lol

Vash, Key, and their homie

Rob, Greg, Red and Lex

My Pac Hills homies

DJ Gomez Warren IV and his homie

Joy, Erica, and Heather (the nicest fucking person i've ever met in LA)

Tone's the man!

Pac Division came thru and got busy

Rohan Marley was one of our guest judges

All in all it was a blast. I had an excellent time. Special shouts to Jeremy & Taz for putting together this event with me. Next time you in LA hit up &Still ( for all the fresh OG vintage gear. We got Starters, Gucci, Polo, Chalkline, Adidas, WWF, Tyson v.s Hollyfield, you name it we got it. Tell em Curtains sent you and you might get a sticker or something.

I'm Back Home!

Thank you! Thank you! Far too kind. Wow it's been a whole year since I last spoke. Well I apologize to everybody who used to check in daily and all the new folk, welcome to an experience. This is your captain *CurT@!n$* aka DoPE BoY C speaking. Feel free to check the archives to see how I been living, what I've done, accomplished, trends I set, etc. I promise to give ya'll that old feeling I gave ya'll before. No holds barred, straight from me to ya'll. The truth in its rawest form. So yeah, i'm back to music, back to life, back to work, and it feels lovely. Ride with me once again.