Monday, February 21, 2011

Style Diary: CurT@!n$ x Complex Mag Day 7...

Day 7: Today I was def feeling rock 'n' roll. This vest makes a statement so I had to dumb down everything else. This is my "too cool for school" look.

Marc Jacobs Hat: The green stands out against the black and gold backdrop of the rest of the outfit. Like I always preach, cashmere is the way to go for headwear, especially in the wintertime.

Vintage Jacket: I got this jacket a few years ago at a vintage shop on Melrose in LA. This was actually my first perfecto style jacket. I've since outgrew the jacket and I barely wear it, but when I do, it always brings me back to when I first got into this style of coat. I think all of my leather jackets are this style and I always see more variations and I want 'em all. If you had to describe CurT@!n$ with a garment, then this jacket would definitely be it. This jacket oozes cool.

Bess NY Vest: Now my boy Rich bought this vest and it was too small for him, but I lucked up because the vest fit me perfectly. Honestly, I wasn't the biggest fan of wearing the vest on its own. I kind of put it off to the side 'til one day my brother Torch layered it over the leather and did some snap thing on the shoulder that made it look like one piece. Once he did that, the vest was back on my radar. This is definitely a conversation piece. People always comment, stare, or wanna touch the vest every time I wear it. This piece makes the outfit full-blown superstar status.

Alstyle Apparel T-Shirt: Perfect T-shirt for this outfit. Simplicity is always the key. You never wanna overdo it when you dress.

Dior Homme Jeans: At this point you should understand my affinity for these jeans. They work well with any outfit, any scenario, any piece. Pure perfection.

Gucci Sneakers: Now back when The Clipse first dropped "Grindin'" and Pusha T rapped, "Gucci Chuck Taylors with the dragon on the side," I was one of the few people who knew and was up on what he was talking 'bout. I had to have about five pairs of these in various colors back in the day. These are some of the most coveted sneakers ever. I found these at a consignment store not too long ago and had to bring 'em back. These are some joints you can't wear everyday, but when you pull 'em out, it's a moment...

Style Diary: CurT@!n$ x Complex Mag Day 6...

Day 6: I woke up late and this is what I wear when I don't feel like picking out clothes. My off days are what people identify with my style so it works. Can't go wrong with Jeans, T-shirt, and leather jacket on any day.

Marc Jacobs Hat: I've owned this exact hat for about 4 years now. I love this hat. It's cashmere and it keeps me hella warm. I wear this hat in the summer time also. I haven't figured out why yet. I just love this hat a lot. I think I'm due for a brand new one now, I'm just afraid it won't fit the same as this one has basically adopted the shape of my head.

Marc Jacobs Jacket: I can't wait until this jacket breaks in and the true beauty of the leather shines through.

Alstyle Apparel T-Shirt: White T-shirts are great personality pieces to an all black outfit. This T-shirt is pretty new so it hasn't fully been put through the ringer. See me again in another few weeks and we'll see the difference. I wear t-shirts out 'til there ain't no life left in 'em. Rips and stains are all welcome over here.

Dior Homme Jeans: I can never get tired of these. From the cut to the wash to the details, this is hands down the best pair of jeans I've ever seen in my life. My entire wardrobe is based off of these jeans. If it doesn't work with 'em, it doesn't work for me. I think every man's wardrobe should start with a pair of jeans and work outwards, it helps the process of shopping like you wouldn't believe.

Bottega Veneta Boots: Steppin' on competition. These are so rock-n-roll...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Style Diary: CurT@!n$ x Complex Mag Day 5...

Day 5: Another variation of the atypical "Curtains Look". This is a rare occurrence of color sneaking its way into my outfit. Today I saw my Mom for once and she stopped me and said, "You're dressed really nice." That made my day.

Marc Jacobs Hat: This cashmere beanie is my world. I have a few colors in it but I doubt I've ever wore any of 'em more than twice.

Vintage Leather Jacket: Ok so I wear black all day, everyday. The only touches of anything else is a white shirt or a gray shirt. I saw this jacket in one of my favorite vintage stores, Search & Destroy. I sat on this jacket for a year to be honest. I couldn't get past the color. Finally one day I was on my way to dinner with a girl, I stopped in the store real quick and asked for her opinion. I also stopped a kid who was shopping, and everyone else in the store for that matter for their opinion. I gave the disclaimer that I wear black all day everyday so they can get an idea of what I was dealing with buying a burgundy leather jacket. The girl I was with said, "It makes you look like a star," and that was all I needed. Sold. What originally attracted me to the jacket was the style. This is not your typical perfecto. This is a UK style perfecto that is popular in the UK of course. It's nearly impossible to buy one of this style in the US since the most popular style of the perfecto is the US version with the belt in front. The slight difference in the UK version is the side straps instead of the belt. One difference but it gives it its own life. I always wanted the UK style but could never get the right one. Well, finally it arrived in the form of my burgundy friend here. I work it well into my wardrobe every so often.

Alstyle Apparel T-Shirt: I bang in my black tee, slang in my black tee, all in the club spitting game with my black tee. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Dior Homme Jeans: 19 cm. black washed clawmarks to be exact. Size 28. Just in case you wanna buy me a new pair for my birthday. Thanks in advance.

adidas Sneaker: I've been slowly wearing sneakers less and less by the day. The thing I love about these is that they have a real high end look to em with its simplicity and material. People always assume that they are Dior or some high-end brand, but they are just some good ol' adidas. Classic...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Style Diary: CurT@!n$ x Complex Mag Day 4...

Day 4: This is the atypical "Curtains" look. Black leather perfecto, ripped T-shirt, black jeans, and black boots. This is my signature look. Today, I was just feeling like me.

Marc Jacobs Leather Jacket: This jacket was actually in the Marc Jacobs campaigns for Fall '10. I fell in love with the shoulder detailing instantly. The jacket is made of the finest leather on the market: horse leather. Horse is very strong and durable, and when it breaks-in from constant wear, it is magic. I can't lie, this jacket cost a pretty penny, but it was worth every bit of it. The perfecto style jacket was made famous by Marlon Brando in the movie, "The Wild One" and has been an iconic American staple ever since. Popularly referred to as a "motorcycle jacket," the perfecto has seen a drastic re-emergence in pop culture in the last 2 or so years, with everyone from Lady Gaga to Kid Cudi donning the iconic jacket.

J. Crew T-Shirt: Hand-knit tees are the best. This color is amazing though, it gives a real weathered white effect. I like to personally break all my T-shirts in and give 'em their own life.

Dior Homme Jeans: I really hate the term "tight jeans." It's so demeaning. These jeans aren't tight, they actually fit my frame. I am skinny so the jeans fit me slim. If a dude 50 pounds heavier and a few inches taller bought the same jeans in his size, they would fit his frame. Baggy jeans are not meant for everyone, nor are fitted jeans. Go with what works for your body type and always remember the key to buying jeans is fit first. Dior Homme just so happens to make the best fitting jeans to fit my body type. I stick to what works.

Bottega Veneta Boots: At this point, you shouldn't have to ask. I can't lie, when I first got 'em, not only did it hurt my pocket but having been a sneaker guy forever, I wasn't used to boots, they hurt my feet like crazy. The day I got 'em, I actually had a show and I performed in pain. Since then we've made nice and I wear these just about everyday.

American Apparel Sunglasses: I'm not a big shades person. I am, but I stick to the same style of frames. I bought these frames maybe a year or so ago and I haven't found a frame that fits me better yet. I've had these fixed countless times, for I doubt I would ever find a frame that fits my face this well. Sidenote: American Apparel has an awesome collection of vintage frames...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Style Diary: CurT@!n$ x Complex Mag Day 3...

Day 3: This is my favorite look to pull off. It's the "I got somewhere important to go after here" look. A dinner jacket worn during the day time is usually a fashion no-no, but I make the rules here.

Band of Outsiders Dinner Jacket: This jacket is a statement piece. One button, satin lapel, notch collar—this jacket is killer. Band of Outsiders masters the marriage of cut and fabrication perfectly. This was actually my first piece from the brand and I'm already a believer. Dinner jackets are tuxedo jackets worn separately from tuxedo pants. They are reserved for semi-formal affairs and are a night time staple. I never ever ever wear a dinner jacket with a dress shirt nor with dress pants; t-shirts and jeans only. The dinner jacket is a sure staple in every man's wardrobe. I don't care how good you think you dress, or how "fly" you think you are. If you can't pull off a dinner jacket, you ain't saying much.

Alstyle Apparel T-Shirt: Simple black tee. Alstyle or AAA as the brand is called is the industry standard for printed T-shirts. Every major streetwear brand uses Alstyle. I really love the weight and the cut of the shirt. I buy these in bulk when I'm in Downtown Los Angeles. Most of my regular blank tees are AAA. Simple with a great fit. What more could you ask for?

H&M Belt: All-day, everyday. I think I need a new hole in it, losing weight by the day.

Dior Homme Jeans: Another all-day, everyday staple in my wardrobe. I'm not the biggest fan of raw denim. It's cool but I love worn-in, washed denim. When I first saw these jeans, I was drawn to the wash. It gave that "lived-in" feel to the jean, but it was unlike any other wash I've seen in denim that wasn't naturally worn-in. I ran into Hedi Slimane on the street a few times and I always thank him for making these jeans.

Bottega Veneta Boots: My boy Chace calls these the $1,000 Doc Martens, and I might have to agree. One thing that sets these apart from any pair of Doc Martens is the horse leather shell and the creeper sole. People stop me all the time asking where did I get my Doc Martens. These are an all-purpose pair. I can dress it up with a dinner jacket or dress it down with a leather jacket as I usually do...

Style Diary: CurT@!n$ x Complex Mag Day 2...

CurT@!n$ is a New Yorker with a great sense of style. Just ask Kanye, who happened to call the Brooklyn rapper a "fashion genius" in our 2007 April/May issue. We asked CurT@!n$ to contribute to our Style channel with a 7-day lookbook. Peep what he has to say about what he wears and why he wears it. This is Day 2...

Day 2: Today's look always gets me stared at no matter where I am. This is a "I Don't Belong Here" outfit. The perfect alignment of every piece and the thought put into the style gives me a sort of regal aura. Today I woke up feeling great, so I dressed even better.

Prohibit NYC Wool Fedora: I saw this hat and I sat on buying it for a month or two. I didn't have the vision for it yet. I do that from time to time; I sit on something for a month or so, then I either buy it or forget about it. Since buying the hat, I've incorporated it into my wardrobe pretty well. I channel Malcolm X every time I wear this hat.

+J Cashmere/Wool Blend Gentleman's Coat: This had to be the coat of the season. I know it's a classic, but everywhere I turned this winter, I saw this jacket. I always have a conflict with cut when I buy something. I have a very slim build and I'm not ultra tall, but I'm super specific with how things are supposed to fit me. I got this jacket in an extra-small and still had my tailor fix the fit. If you know me, then you know I'd tailor a pair of sweat pants if need be. Cut is THE most important part of a garment. Cut first, then everything else falls into place. This jacket is a sure winner. The hidden buttons are the key feature of the coat. I hate visible buttons on any garment. Some weeks, this coat gets worn every single day. The wool/cashmere blend gives it a soft but durable feel in daring weather. Every man should own this coat. This exact one if you can find it.

Marc Jacobs Cashmere Scarf: Black, check. Cashmere, check. Need I say more?

UNIQLO Cashmere Sweater: The cut of this sweater is killer. Everything falls perfectly on me. I'm not the biggest fan of Uniqlo, but this sweater is pretty crazy. Cashmere is probably the best material to wear in the winter time. If you're not familiar, cashmere provides great insulation in times of cold weather. This sweater is like a diamond, except the 3 C's are color, cut, and cashmere.

H&M Belt: Different day, same belt. Gotta have an element of consistency when it comes to style.

Topman Wool Slacks: I wont lie, I saw the Basquiat documentary Radiant Child and there was a scene with him in a pair of wool slacks. I knew from then that I needed a pair. I didn't really hunt for any though. I was casually browsing through shops one day, stopped in Topman, saw these, tried 'em on, and bought em. My shopping experiences don't usually happen like that, but with these pants, it was a no-brainer. Comfortable as you wouldn't believe, the fit is extra perfect, and it goes well with the rest of my wardrobe. Every man needs a great pair of wool slacks in his wardrobe no matter what. I wear these once a week.

adidas Leather Campus Sneaker: I have really stupid rules when it comes to dressing but hey, they're my rules. I never wear dress shoes with slacks. It's a no-no to me. There's something so contrived and corny about wearing dress shoes with slacks. I only wear dress shoes with jeans or if I'm wearing a suit. Now these sneakers have been my personal favorite for the past year or so. I abuse the white pair, but this might be my first time ever wearing the black version. I love the simplistic all black with white sole treatment here. Simple sneakers always win in my book...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CurT@!n$ On The Higher Learning Tour...

Higher Learning Tour starts Feb 16th and dates are below..

Feb. 16 - Santa Barbara, CA - Velvet Jones

Feb. 19 - Tempe, AZ - Red Owl

Feb. 20 - Durange, CO - Abbey Theater

Feb.22 - Boulder, CO - Fox Theater

Feb. 23 - Denver, CO - Cervantes

Feb. 25 - Salt Lake City, UT - Bar Deluxe

Feb. 26 - Boise, ID - The Reef

Feb. 28 - Vancouver, B.C. - Fortune

Mar. 1 - Bellingham, WA - Wild Buffalo

Mar. 2 - Seattle, WA - Nectar Lounge

Mar. 3 - Eugene, OR - Wow Hall

Mar. 4 - Portland, OR - The Backspace

Mar. 5 - Arcata, CA - Arcata Vet’s Hall

Mar. 6 - Sacramento, CA - Colonial Theater

Mar. 7 - Crystal Bay, NV - Cal/Neva

Mar. 9 - San Francisco, CA - 330 Ritch

Mar. 10 - Santa Cruz, CA - The Catalyst

Mar. 11 - Modesto, CA - Fat Cat

Mar. 12 - Visalia, CA - Howie and Sons

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Style Diary: CurT@!n$ x Complex Mag Day 1...

CurT@!n$ is a New Yorker with a great sense of style. Just ask Kanye, who happened to call the Brooklyn Rapper a "Fashion Genius" in our 2007 April/May issue. We asked CurT@!n$ to contribute to our Style channel with a 7-day lookbook. Peep what he has to say about what he wears and why he wears it. This is Day 1...

Day 1: This is my "I put some thought into looking like I put no thought into it" outfit. When I get dressed, I try to convey some sort of story about how I'm feeling at the moment. Today, I was feeling very rebellious and "don't give a f*ck."

BlackScale Hat: What's cool about this hat is that it's super simple, all black, with simple text, and a sword graphic—but, the green under the brim is what gives it that extra "umph." In resident "punk" style, I never wear this hat to the front—always straight to the back.

Nike Sportswear "Destroyer" Jacket: This is my favorite piece in my entire closet. Honestly. I mean an all black wool/leather varsity? C'mon, that's golden. I hated the leather on the sleeves at first, but wearing it 5 times a week like a madman, it broke-in kinda lovely. The coolest detail about this jacket is the hidden zipper. I hate visible buttons and zips on shirts/jackets, so that extra flap hides the zipper and gives it a bit more mystique and character.

J.Crew Vintage T-Shirt: Well the shirt isn't actually "vintage" per se, but that's the effect they were going for in this shirt. The holes developed on its own through wear and tear. I never mind holes in my clothes, it gives it a story. What separates this shirt from others is that it's hand-knit. That's right, not your regular run-of-the-mill jersey stitched T-Shirt you're used to. That alone makes this shirt cooler and a bit pricier than normal.

BlackScale Shirt: This shirt looks pretty cool, but it looks even cooler hanging off of me. That's the quintessential punk look that I kind of infused lately. My whole style is rebel, punk, military, and rock meets a black tie affair.

H&M Belt: This belt is the best thing alive. I got it a few years ago and it's still in top notch condition, I literally wear it everyday. Once I find a piece I like, I stick with it. I'm very consistent and this belt is one of the key components to my wardrobe. If something doesn't look right with my belt, then I don't buy it. Point-blank.

Dior Homme Jeans: That's Dior Homme, not Dior homie... Sorry I couldn't resist. But meet the most important piece of my wardrobe: my black claw mark Dior Homme 19cm jeans. I've been wearing this model since '07. Not this exact pair but this exact style. This is the best pair of jeans ever.

Bottega Veneta Boots: I've been trying to get the perfect pair of boots for 4 years now. I'm a person who refuses to settle; if I don't find the right anything, I don't ever settle for second best. Anyway, I saw these boots in a Japanese mag and I knew from the first moment I saw 'em that these were the absolute perfect boots for me. A little like Doc Martens, but with slight yet important modifications. The height, the leather, and the sole are 100% perfect...
Via: Complex...

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CurT@!n$ - A Song For You...

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

CurT@!n$ "Knocked Up (Killer Mix)"...

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CURT@!N$ INTERVIEW | PLNDR | Karmaloop TV...

In This Edition Of The CurT@!n$ | PLNDR TakeOver, CurT@!n$ Talks About His Take On Social Networking And His Future Plans, along With an EXCLUSIVE DEAL, Enter The Chance To Win a $500 Shopping Spree On Karmaloop’s Sale Site

CurT@!n$ "4Th Chamber"...