Thursday, February 17, 2011

Style Diary: CurT@!n$ x Complex Mag Day 2...

CurT@!n$ is a New Yorker with a great sense of style. Just ask Kanye, who happened to call the Brooklyn rapper a "fashion genius" in our 2007 April/May issue. We asked CurT@!n$ to contribute to our Style channel with a 7-day lookbook. Peep what he has to say about what he wears and why he wears it. This is Day 2...

Day 2: Today's look always gets me stared at no matter where I am. This is a "I Don't Belong Here" outfit. The perfect alignment of every piece and the thought put into the style gives me a sort of regal aura. Today I woke up feeling great, so I dressed even better.

Prohibit NYC Wool Fedora: I saw this hat and I sat on buying it for a month or two. I didn't have the vision for it yet. I do that from time to time; I sit on something for a month or so, then I either buy it or forget about it. Since buying the hat, I've incorporated it into my wardrobe pretty well. I channel Malcolm X every time I wear this hat.

+J Cashmere/Wool Blend Gentleman's Coat: This had to be the coat of the season. I know it's a classic, but everywhere I turned this winter, I saw this jacket. I always have a conflict with cut when I buy something. I have a very slim build and I'm not ultra tall, but I'm super specific with how things are supposed to fit me. I got this jacket in an extra-small and still had my tailor fix the fit. If you know me, then you know I'd tailor a pair of sweat pants if need be. Cut is THE most important part of a garment. Cut first, then everything else falls into place. This jacket is a sure winner. The hidden buttons are the key feature of the coat. I hate visible buttons on any garment. Some weeks, this coat gets worn every single day. The wool/cashmere blend gives it a soft but durable feel in daring weather. Every man should own this coat. This exact one if you can find it.

Marc Jacobs Cashmere Scarf: Black, check. Cashmere, check. Need I say more?

UNIQLO Cashmere Sweater: The cut of this sweater is killer. Everything falls perfectly on me. I'm not the biggest fan of Uniqlo, but this sweater is pretty crazy. Cashmere is probably the best material to wear in the winter time. If you're not familiar, cashmere provides great insulation in times of cold weather. This sweater is like a diamond, except the 3 C's are color, cut, and cashmere.

H&M Belt: Different day, same belt. Gotta have an element of consistency when it comes to style.

Topman Wool Slacks: I wont lie, I saw the Basquiat documentary Radiant Child and there was a scene with him in a pair of wool slacks. I knew from then that I needed a pair. I didn't really hunt for any though. I was casually browsing through shops one day, stopped in Topman, saw these, tried 'em on, and bought em. My shopping experiences don't usually happen like that, but with these pants, it was a no-brainer. Comfortable as you wouldn't believe, the fit is extra perfect, and it goes well with the rest of my wardrobe. Every man needs a great pair of wool slacks in his wardrobe no matter what. I wear these once a week.

adidas Leather Campus Sneaker: I have really stupid rules when it comes to dressing but hey, they're my rules. I never wear dress shoes with slacks. It's a no-no to me. There's something so contrived and corny about wearing dress shoes with slacks. I only wear dress shoes with jeans or if I'm wearing a suit. Now these sneakers have been my personal favorite for the past year or so. I abuse the white pair, but this might be my first time ever wearing the black version. I love the simplistic all black with white sole treatment here. Simple sneakers always win in my book...


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