Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Dope Interview Thats the link to the official interview. Check it out...

Reppin Brooklyn and his Hang Em High family … This young rapper by the name of Curtains is armed with the swagg of Ravishing Rick Rude. But dont think he’s all brash … This guy also get busy lyrically and has a one of a kind creative character. Read more about this talented and flashy Brooklyn MC

Whats Good … I hear you a fellow Brooklynite… What part you reppin ?Oh man I rep Brooklyn under one umbrella but… I walk the corner of Carroll and Utica everyday… Crown Heights to be exact.

How you get such a name as Curtains ?

Curtains simply mean the show stopper… you know my whole demeanor is boss…flashy…cocky if you wanna call it that…out in Chicago they say snapping…its just my whole being. I’m a young, handsome, insanely fly gentleman and when I walk in a room my presence demands that attention. Hence the name Curtains.

Tell me more about Hang Em High Entertainment ?

Hang Em High is my family. It aint a crew it aint a label, it aint a rap click, it aint niggas i just hang out with. Its my real family. From my brothers to my sisters, we just rep that name Hang Em High. The real company is High Society Life Inc. That’s the umbrella all of my business ventures fall under. From party promotions, to my upcoming fashion magazine, to my blog, to the clothing venture to the music…everything business wise is HSL Inc. but Hang em High is the family.

Any projects you have coming up in the near future ?

Hell yeah, the mixtape “The Great Adventures Of Dope Boy C: Dope City Vol. 1″ coming soon…the album “Its A Beautiful Life” coming soon. The HSL magazine coming soon, HSLC clothing coming back soon. I got the theme song to an upcoming show on ESPN, shouts to my man Coodie on that. I been out in LA for the past 2 1/2 months working on a movie and a tv show and getting this Hollywood experience. That’s bout it really, staying on my toes lyrically, fashion game upgrading everyday, making pretty ladies smile and keeping the sucker niggas pissed. That bout it for young’n these days.

Who’s some producers or artist you wouldn’t mind working with ?

Shiiiit, Kanye “The Flyest” West is #1 on my list and that aint too far from fruition. Other than that I been working with this kid Seige from Detroit/LA and he’s probably gonna be the best producer after my album drop. Anybody with heat is welcome in my studio session.

If the Boro’s had MC teams … Who would be Brooklyn’s Starting Five ?

Good question…hmmm… Uncle Murder, Red Cafe, Maino, Fabolous, and Gerry Walker…with Old Hova (Jay-Z) coaching.

You seem to have a mean kicks game … What some of your all time favorites ?

Jordan 1’s in black/red, blk/blue, silver…Jordan 3’s black cement, Supreme Blazers any color…O.G Agassi court challenges, suede Puma Clydes are extremely vicious, Vans sk8’s are pretty fresh, the original Ice Creams with the big dollar and diamonds…shiit you gon have me going all day, its a bunch of sneakers I adore…Louis Vuitton joints that looked like Pumas, original Gucci tennis sneaker that S. Carter bit, Run DMC Adidas Broughams…geeez…Jordan 7’s any original color…ok lemme stop.

Gimme 3 current namebrands you wouldn’t get caught dead in right now.:

Sean John, Roc-A-Wear, Ecko.

I always ask emcees this … If a somebody diss you lyrically will you entertain the issue ?

Not full out, but I’ll be sure to slip something into some song somewhere…no nigga is worth a whole fucking record from me…Hell nah…Unless its personal, and even then I dont think I’ll go at it that far. I hate diss records, niggas never say I’ll shit, they just pop shit…so I’ll leave that alone really. I’m all bout my happy music…(LAUGHS).

Tell the readers your official Myspace URL ? and the blog is… We almost at 1 year going strong. Also if you AOL’ing hit me on the instant messenger: Dopeboyyc just hit me up, say whattup, its all love. Laaaaaaaaaadies! (LAUGHS)

Good looking my dude BK all day … Any final words & shout outs ?

Hell yeah. Hang Em High, HSL, Headquater Ent., Black Ty aka Tyrese, Saks Fif, FDNY, Life 9, It Girls, Lauren, Ody, Torch, Show, Water, Smurf, SLy, Top, Spidey, Jalen, Kalilah,Itchy, Craig, Profit, Stix, Al B Back, Luke and Q, Gyrlfriend, Smoke and Numbers, Ghostwridah, Ghost98, Spen, Sytos, Ko, Bless, Tiff Da Gift, Issy Gets Busy, Dice, Syda da Don, Hush Money, Gotcha!, The Clipse, Plain Pat, Kanye to the…, Taz Arnold, Sean Kingston, Brandy, Ray-J, Tank, LVVR, Airess, pardon me I aint do an interview in so long…Hoffman, Red Cafe, Freck Da Billionaire, Sandman, Ab-Liva, Don C, Ibn, John Monop, Lupe Fiasco, Bryce, Jimmy Henchmen, Ludacris, International Alicia, Supreeme Supreeme, Quan, Mickey Factz, Steve-O, Kwazz, Shana Banana, J Doe, Alex, and every pretty girl in the world. If I forgot anybody, blame yourself for not calling me lately…HaHa!

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