Saturday, March 31, 2007

Happy HollyWood Day!

My nigga Hollywood celebrated his b'day and his 1yr mark in his relationship. We had a blast at this spot called One in the Meat Packing District. Real fly shit. I left super super drunk! But anyway shouts to HollyWood and his lady Rosie on 1yr and Holly on another year breathing. Check the flix:


HollyWood and Rosie

*DoPE!* & HollyWood doin what the fuck we want

Friday, March 30, 2007

Connected Magazine Out Now!!!

Ok Ok OK OK so I been holding this back forever, but I am a partner in a new magazine which is out now: Connected Magazine. Its in every boutique in New York City so run and get your copy now cuz they are going quick! Shouts to my whole Connected Magazine staff: Rome, Al, Barris, Manny, and Matt. Get Connected!

Read The Labels!

Me Just Poking Fun At Myself:

Fendi Hat- $200
Louis Vuitton Shades- $800
Louis Vuitton Scarf- $150
Vintage Coca-Cola Windbreaker- $8 (Ebay BabY!)
Vintage Gucci Sweatshirt- $60
Vintage Dapper Dan MCM Jacket- $160
The "Who The Fuck This Nigga Think He Is" Effect- Pricele$$ complex out now, check it out and see what i'm talking bout. For a hint: Read Kanye West's fashion ideology...also check out the sneaker fiend article. I'll scan the pages in sometime this week, til then *DoPE!* signin off.

Friday, March 16, 2007

On The Scene

Notice anything different? If not i'll tell you. After a few months of growing it out, I finally cut my hair!!! Yeah! Lol...Anyway this pic is from last night at the Complex party for Consequence. Dope party all in all, shout to everybody that showed me love. New issue of Complex has 2 *DoPE!* surprises...hmmmm I wonder....I'll leave ya'll guessing til it comes out, dont wanna spoil it. Shouts to Nayeim and the whole Complex Magazine team. Special shout out to the Grammy Family G.O.O.D Music. (They killed shit last night) Kanye West (good looking on you know what), Don C, Poolside Pat (LMAO), GLC, Consequence, Taz Arnold (we all good homie), John Monop (where u at O.G), and Barry. That bout it, and til later on *DoPE!* signing off!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I Hear Ya'll Talking!

I been out the loop for a minute, but dont think I dont know whats going on out there. That instant message you had a convo about me on- yeah somebody copied and pasted it and sent it to me...That text message you dissed me on- it was forwarded to me...That blog post you subliminally getting at me on-somebody sent me the link...That hard talk you was talking about me on the street-somebody done relayed the message. What i'm saying is, I got eyes and ears everywhere. When you think it's safe, its keep talking that talk, I feed off of all of that. Tell the pilot he approaching a "No Fly Zone" and them F-15's on they way up. Land or get landed! That all. Til later on, *DoPE!* signing off.

-*CoCa CoLa DoPe* "Stepping Over Competition, Man I Love These Nikes!"

Stay Laced

New Laced Magazine drops next week...Check for the *DoPE!* section on trends...I'm just getting warmed!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

DoPE Is ChILLin!

All these new video bitches tryna be Mellissa Ford!

Friday, March 02, 2007


Sorry ya'll I been just hustling, hustling, hustling...aint been having time to post or take pics. Maybe one day in the week i'll give ya'll the rundown of whats going on. Til then, enjoy the flick...