Friday, March 16, 2007

On The Scene

Notice anything different? If not i'll tell you. After a few months of growing it out, I finally cut my hair!!! Yeah! Lol...Anyway this pic is from last night at the Complex party for Consequence. Dope party all in all, shout to everybody that showed me love. New issue of Complex has 2 *DoPE!* surprises...hmmmm I wonder....I'll leave ya'll guessing til it comes out, dont wanna spoil it. Shouts to Nayeim and the whole Complex Magazine team. Special shout out to the Grammy Family G.O.O.D Music. (They killed shit last night) Kanye West (good looking on you know what), Don C, Poolside Pat (LMAO), GLC, Consequence, Taz Arnold (we all good homie), John Monop (where u at O.G), and Barry. That bout it, and til later on *DoPE!* signing off!


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