Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I Hear Ya'll Talking!

I been out the loop for a minute, but dont think I dont know whats going on out there. That instant message you had a convo about me on- yeah somebody copied and pasted it and sent it to me...That text message you dissed me on- it was forwarded to me...That blog post you subliminally getting at me on-somebody sent me the link...That hard talk you was talking about me on the street-somebody done relayed the message. What i'm saying is, I got eyes and ears everywhere. When you think it's safe, its keep talking that talk, I feed off of all of that. Tell the pilot he approaching a "No Fly Zone" and them F-15's on they way up. Land or get landed! That all. Til later on, *DoPE!* signing off.

-*CoCa CoLa DoPe* "Stepping Over Competition, Man I Love These Nikes!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sure darryl. we have nothing better to do than to talk about you.

12:21 AM  
Blogger arcieri keness said...


4:19 PM  

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