Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lafayette Lookbook

*DoPE!* (thats me!)

Dj Clark Kent & CurT@!n$ (thats me!)

Did this shoot while I was in NYC. Shouts to the Lafayette team. Real humble guys. "DoPE Buellers Day Off" was the intro to their mixtape so extra shouts to them on that. Check them out

Dope For President Ep. 3: Black on Black Crime

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Black Folks Trailer Pt. 1

Here's the 1st trailer for the "Black Folks" video. Gabriel Hart is a beast!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

CurT@!n$: Dope Boy C For President Episode II:Black Folks


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


High Society Life has no interesest in supporting New York post papers due to the racist ignorant illustrator Sean Delonas, How in the hell does this cartoon be accepted why does New York post think it's cool to post this cartoon, I mean damn it's just sad that a human can hate another person just on the shade of ones skin, if this isn't an eye opener for the brother a few post below who tried to down *CurT@!n$* with his foolish remarks, then i don't know what else to tell you!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Copy and paste link to hear black folks track!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Ignorant Shit...

Somebody named MakingCrazyMoves said:
"it's so hilarious how every dude these days is so trend-happy to have the audacity to say you would be doing something remotely CLOSE to what the Panthers were doing. I didn't see no Curtains rally in L.A. for the Jena 6, Sean Bell, Push Movement, Katrina....didn't see your name in the papers once. Don't you have some shoes to go rap about. Stay in your lane."

Now usually I don't respond to comments, but this kind of comment is what i'm addressing in my new record "Black Folks", so it only makes sense that I reply. Now reading this comment makes me understand that whoever wrote it is an idiot. First things first, by you saying "...didn't see your name in the papers once..." lets me know how ignorant you are. Since when does getting publicity for doing a good deed validate your deed??? Thats exactly the shit I don't respect people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton for. Sure they do rile up the troops and do their marches, but they do it when the camera's are on and the media is around, when all that attention is gone, so is their fight. So does that validate their cause? No! I'm not a defensive person, so i'm not gonna sit here and write a whole essay on what i've done and what i've been involved in to aide the black fight, just know that when I do something, its sincere and I could give a fuck if I get recognition and/or credit. Music is my #1 platform to raise awareness in this world, I am not a preacher nor am I a politician, I raise awareness of issues in my music first off, everything else comes secondary. Now if you wanna backtrack to a few years ago, 1st mixtape, Young Brooklyn Vol. 1, yeah I was dropping knowledge, raising awareness to the problems going on in the inner city, using my voice on the only platform I had at the moment. So if you wanna talk about "Trend-happy dudes" please direct your comments elsewhere fam. I been on this shit, this ain't nothing new, I been a "Rebel", been dropping knowledge, my 1st album got shelved because I wouldn't dumb down my music. My question to you is what are you doing? Leaving comments about something positive someone else is doing? Nice. Very productive. Your helping the cause greatly. I love ignorance, I have fun with ignorant people. Keep at it. Dope For President 2010!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dope Boy C For President

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

U-N-I feat. CurT@!n$ "VItamin B" Live!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

*CurT@!n$* & Skillz cypher

Me and Skillz out in LA riding round in a limo doin the 1,2 thing. Peep Clark enjoying all the good rapping.

DoPE Speaks...

I was SOOOOO SICK when I did this interview. Literally after I finished I couldn't talk for 4 days! Dope interview though. Thanks Sam.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Like Father Like Son....How True Is That?






Now this man can say “Brooklyn!” and I’ll recognize him as a Brooklynite. Unlike that Norman Bates muthaf*cka, Theophilus London. Given, Curtains doesn’t have your average Brooklyn flow or even style for that manner. His music has more of a D12 “Purple Pills” sound to it. His style is a little more animated than your average NY rapper, but not to the point where you can’t take him serious. His rhymes and lyrical content is definitely up to par.

His metaphors are as clever as any of these so called hot rappers in the game today. Take these bars off of “The Legend of Bagger Dope” for example: “Starting to get bored with this game like Quiji/shit watered down like Fiji/who led them to the well and forced them to drink? Dumb down they minds and ain’t force them to think/till I came back with the force of a tank/now they whole scene is destroyed and they think/I done it/see niggas pop shit like flies on it/go luniz with the jewels and drop 5 on it…”

When he’s not freestyling over Jigga’s “Where I’m From” beat (“New Dope City”) or 50’s “I Get Money” joint (“Dopesters Millions”), then most of the production sounds like they’ve been Neptune inspired: bass driven electro tracks. But even though the tracks of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Dope,” and “The Last Dope Scout” sound like they were put together in less than 10 minutes, C more than makes up for the lack of sonic sound with his words and flows.

When it was all said and done, CurT@in$ put together a mixtape that’ll definitely make heads stop what they’re doing and listen. Whether it’s a clever line he spit or a hot metaphor that’s never been used like “You’re an undercover fag, Clay Aikened out/and I’m a wild Cowboy, Troy Aikmaned out!” hip-hop fans will appreciate what this kid is cooking. Just pure and simple dopeness.

link to xxl - » CurT @ in$: The Great Adventures Of Dope Boy C: WHSL- REBEL RADIO

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Random DoPE is Back!

Random Rambling from DoPE:

Yoooo! I been so sick it ain't even funny! I literally laid in bed for 5 days STRAIGHT! That good ol NY weather did it to me...Back in LA now where its 80 and better! Ha! S.O.B's was off the hook!...NY was cool...I just really handled business...No real socializing while I was out there due to my illness...Shouts to everybody who I hung with while I was back home...Being in LA makes me miss NY, but being in NY makes me miss LA...Weird..."Shut Ya Bloodclot Mouth" by 50 Cent is my new anthem!...Speaking of 50... Damn... Rick Ross?...He called that on himself...I'm a huuuuuuge Rick Ross fan, but 50 aint the dude to go at it with... He overthinks the situation...Damn...Kanye snapped with them Louis Vuitton kicks...My nephew is officially the man!...This month should be fun music wise...Anyway i'm glad im back in 1 piece healthwise...Now back to work!

New *CurT@!n$* Interview... - CurT@!n$ Interview [Pt. 1 of 2] from DDotOmen on Vimeo.
Pt. 1 - CurT@!n$ Interview [Pt. 2 of 2] from DDot Omen on Vimeo.
Pt. 2

I enjoyed doing this interview. Sorry ya'll I been sick! I'm back and better now.