Friday, February 13, 2009

Ignorant Shit...

Somebody named MakingCrazyMoves said:
"it's so hilarious how every dude these days is so trend-happy to have the audacity to say you would be doing something remotely CLOSE to what the Panthers were doing. I didn't see no Curtains rally in L.A. for the Jena 6, Sean Bell, Push Movement, Katrina....didn't see your name in the papers once. Don't you have some shoes to go rap about. Stay in your lane."

Now usually I don't respond to comments, but this kind of comment is what i'm addressing in my new record "Black Folks", so it only makes sense that I reply. Now reading this comment makes me understand that whoever wrote it is an idiot. First things first, by you saying "...didn't see your name in the papers once..." lets me know how ignorant you are. Since when does getting publicity for doing a good deed validate your deed??? Thats exactly the shit I don't respect people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton for. Sure they do rile up the troops and do their marches, but they do it when the camera's are on and the media is around, when all that attention is gone, so is their fight. So does that validate their cause? No! I'm not a defensive person, so i'm not gonna sit here and write a whole essay on what i've done and what i've been involved in to aide the black fight, just know that when I do something, its sincere and I could give a fuck if I get recognition and/or credit. Music is my #1 platform to raise awareness in this world, I am not a preacher nor am I a politician, I raise awareness of issues in my music first off, everything else comes secondary. Now if you wanna backtrack to a few years ago, 1st mixtape, Young Brooklyn Vol. 1, yeah I was dropping knowledge, raising awareness to the problems going on in the inner city, using my voice on the only platform I had at the moment. So if you wanna talk about "Trend-happy dudes" please direct your comments elsewhere fam. I been on this shit, this ain't nothing new, I been a "Rebel", been dropping knowledge, my 1st album got shelved because I wouldn't dumb down my music. My question to you is what are you doing? Leaving comments about something positive someone else is doing? Nice. Very productive. Your helping the cause greatly. I love ignorance, I have fun with ignorant people. Keep at it. Dope For President 2010!


Blogger Rekstizzy said...


2:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lmao @ who ever wrote that comment, sounds like a hater to me, dope u sum up everything i could possible say, i could bet my life mr crazy move name has never been mention in none of the things he listed, y don't he do us all a fav and just join k.k.k, its never cool when you see a black brother tryna do positive a and all u could come up with is something negative to say, who ever u r, the next time u think of leaving a comment just stand in front of a @ u!

7:20 PM  
Blogger L&F said...

It's someone trying to be funny. The name Making Crazy Moves in acronyms is MCM one of Curt@!N$ favorite clothing lines. The comment about Curt@!N$ name not being called was a weak attempt at putting another young man down for a positive notion. This is one of the reason's why the African American race is in the situation that we are in now. No one wants to work to get anything done for a real reason they want to do it for the glory... SoHo

8:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To dude above me...i feel u bro, and that's real talk. VA

9:29 AM  
Blogger DJ Wats said...

wow haters

7:51 AM  

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