Monday, December 25, 2006


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Night Of The Living Baseheads!

Yo niggas been saying I look like a zombie lately, shit I been in overload mode. Morning to night, non-stop making moves, a motherfucker asked me the other day when do I sleep? My reply- I could sleep as long as I want in my casket. Redbull and RockStar energy drink owe me big time, I been overloading on them shits, bout to have a breakdown one of these days, I could feel it, but fuck it, this is the stuff legends are made of! Thats right you looking at a Legend in the making. Tomor make sure you stop by the Brooklyn Circus for your copy of The Fashion Journal magazine, hurry up they goin quickly! So let me go finish my final projects so I could continue to get straight A's in school. Jay-Z's "Bitches and Sisters" on repeat "I love my sisters I dont love no bitch!!!"... Til tomor, DoPE! signing off...

Legends in the making! Yeah I said it LEGENDS!!! Understand why they callin him DoPE!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Nike Air Force 1 Special One Night Only Party Pics!

Check DoPE! out at the super top secret impossible to get in (700+ people waiting outside all getting denied by security) party of the decade!!! (Nas, Kanye, Rakim, Krs-One, Buckshot, Just Ice, and Grandmaster Caz all on stage TOGETHER!!! need I say more?) But if you missed the party, you missed the party. Everybody who is somebody was up in there repping with their favorite pair of Air's (I wore my London Carnival white/green/yellow/orange joints). Check me out:

Thats Ferris, DoPE! and Plain Pat, three the hard way!!! '07 looking promising!!!

DoPE! and Plain Pat chillin, eating NERDS...aint have those in yeaaars! Watch the kicks in the background!

Thats my nigga Don C stunting, showing us pics of the Nike private G5 him and Kanye flew on to get to the party. I need to get famous and rich SOOON!!!

And thats my nigga Kanye West, who just gave me a real inspiration conversation. Real talk we bout to make history! I been silent for a minute but just watch and see what unfolds in a second. Til Tomor DoPE! signing off.
P.S- For you sneaker lovers, I was privy to get my hands on a 1/100 specially made Tiffany's sterling silver Nike Air Force One 25th anniversary laces clip (that lil metal piece for the laces) well i'm taking all offers. Retail on it is $1200 and you cant get it anywhere! DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Love at 1st Sight?!?!

MCM PURSE???!?!?! I'm in love!!! Quan i'm mad you aint show her face, but I have an idea on who it is. Where the fuck was I? I need to get out more often.

Pic courtesy of


DoPE! shall be in attendance...shit I might even hit the stage!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Whattup! Whattup! Whattup!

Whats good ya'll? shit its been a minute, school kicking my ass, too much deadlines and projects but i'm making it work. Hope ya'll got the new Sizzla alubm "The Overstanding" cuz ya boy DoPE! on that shit ("Take Myself Away Remix" trck 14) so cop that! I'm the only guest artist on the WHOLE album so i'm hype! Shouts to Sizzla and Dj Clark Kent on that one. "Its The Shoes" update, we almost done now with the video and I might re-attempt to do that club scene sometime next week so i'll let ya'll know. The Fashion Journal magazine is out now so get that at a boutique near you or just hit me up for em. Other than that it's just business as usual for the team. Til later on DoPE! signing off.

Kevin Lyttle came thru to the crib to kick it for a minute...

DoPE! and TOrcH on the streets as usual (p.s that car does belong to the crew...we comin up!)