Thursday, August 31, 2006

Toast To The High Life!

Ok so enough with the gettyimages pics, DoPE! is back in action. Check me out real quick:

Still always on the phone (note: my phone bill never goes over $75...I got a great plan)Anyway this is the call i've been waitin on for a month now. Finally...TIffany came thru with the call that i could go pick up my...(drumroll please)...

RED/BLACK JORDAN 1'S!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! So one of my b'day wishes came thru! Thanks u know i went Jordan crazy and got 2 vintage Jordan t's and by luck, look what just came in the mail...

Vintage Jordan jacket! I wanna be like DoPE! lmao...oh shit, i am DoPE! anyway...

So me and my homies went from SoHo to 5th Ave. gearing up for tonights festivities. Notice the regular street clothes (minus Hollywood who just got dressed one time)in the blink of an eye everyone "changed clothes"
Very gentlemenly...check out Bless killin em with the vest...

Fly boy baby!!!

Gasp! DoPE! in SHOES??? wow! Hey sometimes u gotta switch it up...cant wear Jordans everyday all day (well i had Jordans on early that day)but u get the point, Check out the rest of the night as we partied hard and popped bottles at Swizz Beatz birthday party. The question is not who was there but who wasnt there, but fuck the celebs we were the main attraction of the night. Watch us do our thing...


Even better!

Al and Emani

All in all we had a great time...great time! Just ask Bless! Til tomor DoPE! signing off. P.S- Wish me luck as I sneak into the VMA's for the 2nd

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Dont Sweat The Technique

Those were the days! Kids say no to snitching but say yes to being fresher than thou!
P.S- i'll pay somebody to find me that jacket!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Celebrity Style

Today lets disect some celebrities and thier fashion sense.

1st victim is Jim Jones. Well I dont know why I would call him a victim, this nigga got crazy style. As harsh and thuggish his image is perceived to be his threads always seem to be well put together. This look here is a great example of simple yet fly. The color scheme fits him well and the fit of the clothes is just right. Two thumbs up for Jimmy.(5/5)

Next up is T.I. Now this nigga too gets super fly. I totally agree with this outfit minus one element. When the fuck was mid cut Air Force one's EVER acceptable in society? A pair of lows wouldve done this outfit justice. But he shot himself in the foot with that choice of shoe.(4/5)

Ok now as much as many hate on J.D, This nigga could dress his ass off. Peep this simple but well put together outfit. Nice fitting jean, simple hoody, sick ass jacket to match the fitted to match the insanely dope ass kicks! Not to mention the jewelry dont hurt the outfit either. This is what stars should like everyday. Chingy I hope you taking notes in the background! (5/5)

Next up is Kanye "I could wear Reebok with Bape cuz i'm that damn cool" West. Now many refer to this nigga as the best dressed rapper. Hmmmmm...I beg to differ sometimes, but when he gets his South Side of Chicago on with this get up, I cant argue. Now I hate them sneakers but I love how he pulled it off. I hate Bape but damn he made that shirt look dope. Bandanas on the neck? SO FUCKING CORNY! But uhm... fits him. The only article i disagree with are the shades. I just dont like em...But fuck it, this nigga made me like 3 items I absolutely HATE so he gets 2 thumbs up for that. (5/5)

Next is your favorite rappers favorite rapper Old Hova...uhm...excuse me I mean Young Hova aka Jay-Z. Now Jay used to be one of the flyest motherfuckers around, well someone needs to bring him back to that. This outfit is plain ol WACK! What the fuck are you still doing baggy jeans? When the fuck did that jacket become cool? I'm so glad that its all black so i'm not that bothered by it but damn homie, in 96 you was the man homie! Fuck happen to you? (2/5 he gets a 2 cuz of them chains and the shades)

Nas, Nas, Nas. Weirdo I must say, but the nigga could dress. This is a simple but effective outfit. Plain black T, Good jean, and old school puma's with the fat laces. I'm not mad at this one at all, it fits him well. (3.5/5)

Next up is the baddest bitch walking the face of the earth! No explanation, no comment, no nothing...Jordan 3's? (100/5)

The most dickrode man on the planet. I'm so over the whole Bape/BBC bullshit craze so I had to find a pic of Pharrell without either or. This is a sick get up, serious color schemes and the fit is just right. Real niggas wear ties with jeans! (5/5)

Last is everyones favorite personal assistant turned rapper! lol..nah but I have no comment on Mr. Fonzworth's attire. One word. Tremendous! (5/5)
Tomor we shall find the wackest styled celebs. I wanna hear what u ya'll think on my comments. Til tomr DoPE! signing off.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Champ is Here!

Ok so I am like borderline pissed with my keeps bugging the fuck out. Not to mention I been up this morning since 7 signing for a package that had nothing to do with me! Then my nephew comes over to hang out. We hit the city and hang with my man Dj Clark Kent aka Mr. Million-Air's at his office. Check us out.

The "I just woke up so dont fuck with me" face...

Daily survival lets hit the road!

1st stop is the gym...My nephew Jalen the 7 year old baller is also a trained boxer and he will FUCK YOU UP!!! Dont let the baby face confuse you, this nigga will whop yo ass!

Next stop is to my man Dj Clark Kent's office in SOHO. This nigga owns more sneakers than you could count to, trust me, i've known him for years. Anyway we were just goin thru some beats and setting up some dealines for the FDNY project. Sometimes it's not just the artist but the people behind the scenes that make alot of what you see on tv and hear on the radio happen. Shouts to my man Clark Kent, I call that nigga my big brother. This is a man who made/makes it possible for countless of your favorite artist (including the DoPE BoY himself) to function properly. FDNY album coming soon!

And thats my big homie Dre Council, the other half of the ClarkWorld team. Dre is the Mr. Everything when it comes to FDNY. A true behind the scene boss! But he stunted on me today when he showed me his foot and he had on the Bo Jackson's that i'm dying to find in my size! "Seen the old Bo Jacks now I gotta buy em!" (Curtains "Its The Shoes") I'm gon shut up bout sneakers til I get these, til then my nigga Dre is the sneaker champ in my eyes! Young'ns learn your history...these were the SHIT!!!! they still are the shit! Geeeeez. Til tomor tho, DoPE! signing off.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Surprise! Surprise!

Yes I am back in NY. Landed saturday night and had one hell of a night. I'm gonna leave that one alone and leave it between me and my crew, no pics were taken, just a grand ol time! lol...(sorry cant show you guys EVERYTHING). Now yesterday I went back to my old stomping grounds (SOHO) to see what was up. Nothing in particular was jumping. My sis told me she needed me to do something with her so I went to her house and was greeted by a lil surprise dinner. Awwwww...just a few homies, lots of food, and lots of liquor! Check it out:

1st of all lets say goodbye to my Agassi's...moment of silence...OK...shouts to my man Steve-O from Laced Magazine, the new proud owner of the original Agassi's thats been the pride of my collection for a while now. Take care of em Steve...

Thats my homies Issy and Tiff. Went to say hi to both of em at their wonderful jobs. Issy-Bape and Tiff-Recon/Nort. Next time you in any of them stores just tell em DoPE sent ya and they might smile at ya, no discount tho...lmao...

Now for the party. I was kinda caught off guard but I had an idea my sis was planning a get together (she kinda mentioned it to me by accident but caught herself midway through, then "She" kinda mentioned it in some sort of way) but anyway, it was just a small group of homies and some liquor and lots of food. Check out the day

Me and my sis Kalilah...

Tiffany and Jovonda...

Bless and Roxie...

I'm a Lucky Bastard aint I?

Diane and her friend...

Albert, Bless, Me and some beautiful friends of mine...

The aftermath...and trust I partook in every last one of those bottles...the Rose' Moet was my personal bottle and Bless split that since it was both our b'days last week. Had a great time and I passed out when I got home. Til Tomor, DoPE! signing off.

Thursday, August 17, 2006



LA Day 2

Day 2 in LA was real cool. Got an early morning wake up, heard a knock on the door and it was non other than Ellesse and Charisma. I promised them that I would hang with them for the whole day, but I had to hit the studio later on in the day. Either way we just hung out in Santa Monica by the beach for the day. We ate, shopped, and cracked jokes all day til it was time to go to work. Check out the pics:

Ellesse and Charisma aka "We run myspace"! lol...we had lunch at Hooters and had a ball making fun of the waitress (actually she was flirting with me the whole time and the girls were a bit jealous but hey)...

...We were just buggin out on the streets making fun of people and cracking jokes on each other. Then I had to break my promise cause I got the call that I had to go to the studio and make some music...

...In the studio with my nigga Master Steele from San on the lookout for the Master Steele mixtape coming soon...

...Also check for my nigga Chris Couture from LA with his mixtape coming soon...

...My nigga DaRock on the boards...check for DaRock, he's a producer who did joints on The Game's last album, 2pac album's and a few joints for Busta Rhymes. Well tomor is my big day! August 18th 1984 a king was born by the name of DoPE! lol...nah I just wanna thank God for 22 years on earth, thanks to all my homies and my family. Love is Love. Dont know what i'm doin tomor but i'll be sure to have fun. Hit me up at if u tryna get at me, my homies-ya'll got the number. Til tomor DoPE! signing off.