Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Champ is Here!

Ok so I am like borderline pissed with my computer...it keeps bugging the fuck out. Not to mention I been up this morning since 7 signing for a package that had nothing to do with me! Then my nephew comes over to hang out. We hit the city and hang with my man Dj Clark Kent aka Mr. Million-Air's at his office. Check us out.

The "I just woke up so dont fuck with me" face...

Daily survival kit...now lets hit the road!

1st stop is the gym...My nephew Jalen the 7 year old baller is also a trained boxer and he will FUCK YOU UP!!! Dont let the baby face confuse you, this nigga will whop yo ass!

Next stop is to my man Dj Clark Kent's office in SOHO. This nigga owns more sneakers than you could count to, trust me, i've known him for years. Anyway we were just goin thru some beats and setting up some dealines for the FDNY project. Sometimes it's not just the artist but the people behind the scenes that make alot of what you see on tv and hear on the radio happen. Shouts to my man Clark Kent, I call that nigga my big brother. This is a man who made/makes it possible for countless of your favorite artist (including the DoPE BoY himself) to function properly. FDNY album coming soon!

And thats my big homie Dre Council, the other half of the ClarkWorld team. Dre is the Mr. Everything when it comes to FDNY. A true behind the scene boss! But he stunted on me today when he showed me his foot and he had on the Bo Jackson's that i'm dying to find in my size! "Seen the old Bo Jacks now I gotta buy em!" (Curtains "Its The Shoes") I'm gon shut up bout sneakers til I get these, til then my nigga Dre is the sneaker champ in my eyes! Young'ns learn your history...these were the SHIT!!!! they still are the shit! Geeeeez. Til tomor tho, DoPE! signing off.


Blogger Tasha said...

ahhh the "dont fuck with me face" is priceless.. what kind of shades are those? looks like prada, but then again, you an ya freshness always leaaves me second guessin. an yes young'ns please take some notes, followin trends is not whats gonna make you hot, bein you will.

DoPE hurry an write that guide line book please lol

7:08 PM  

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