Monday, August 07, 2006


Sorry gang we had a major MAJOR major storm out here in Atl these past few days and lightning knocked out my main source of internet, so i'm here using this bum ass signal for the time being. Sorry for all of you dedicated High Life fans who check in daily to see wassup in the wonderful world of DoPE! BoY C...all is well, still recording, this might be my last week in ATL, big pool party coming up this saturday, I promise it's gonna be serious! Tomor, I will attempt to post pics of last week and tell you guys a bit more of whats been going on. "She" is still on my mind! Til later on DoPE! signing off.


Blogger Tasha said...

lol as long as you know you are peoples crack! especially mine.

3:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


6:55 PM  
Anonymous canary said...

hurry up still waiting 4 u to post that pic...((scoffs))

7:59 AM  

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