Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Come Shop With Me pt. 2

So today I just shopped, and I actually bought stuff. Check out my pick-up's:

On the phone as usual...Talkin to my sister Kalilah bout my "woman" problems or lack im in one of those "too much on my mind" moods, I shop to try to think and clear my mind.

...More magazines to the collection...One day i'm gonna show you guys my #1 bad habbit, you think I have too much clothes/sneakers? You should see my magazine collection. Show u guys on another day...

...Ok so like yeah i'm a Nike head, but I couldnt pass on these DC/SSUR exclusives...These are CRACK!!! or DOPE as i may call it...these will definately be in my rotation...I think i'm in love!

...OK so now you guys know i'm a thrift store I bump into this vintage Tommy Hilfiger button up word...FIRE!!!!! This shirt shall shit on a few people this fall...This might be the only leak i have in my wardrobe for the fall but trust me, I got FIRE!

...Couple Jordan t-shirts to add to my MJ collection...

...Bootleg porno I bought off an african on the'll leave that one alone.

...Like I said I be missing certain people and certain music helps me through some of my bullshit problems. Today I was bumping my man Lloyd 1st album "Southside". I dont even think this album sold that well, but it is the shit! I love this cd. I advise everybody to cop this and bump it and enjoy it, cuz I am. Oh yeah "she" really likes track thats another story. Til tomor, DoPE! signing off, will be in the studio later on tonight so I should have more pics for ya!


Blogger Tasha said...

.lol. the shirt, is fiah! the kicks fiah! the lloyd album is serious.. lol keep doin ya think

5:34 PM  
Anonymous canary said...

hot hilfiger was it from daves heap tees over by st. marks??? i think i peeped b4 i left town...but either was good selection

3:59 PM  

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