Thursday, July 27, 2006

So Sick!

Ok so like today i'm a little under the weather...yeah DoPE!'s a lil sick somewhat. Need someone to come take care of me! Anybody up for the job? Lol...But whatever rain, sleet, snow, sick, healthy im gon grind. And grind I do!

Not feeling too good today, but i'm not in a bad mood or anything. Goddamn i'm fly as shit!!! LOL...I like that outfit, dont you? Anyway, if u havent noticed by now my phone rings off the hook, some good calls, some bullshit calls and some calls I ignore. But one thing I couldnt ignore was...

...Just For Kicks the official sneaker head movie. I might have watched this shit like 10 times today alone. This is a must have for any sneaker fiend, very educational.

...After laying in the bed for half the day, went to the studio and got busy as usual, album coming out serious, new deal pending, new things going on, no time for bullshit, but i'm sick so ima leave ya'll with a lil stunting...

...WAKE UP!!! You niggas still dreaming! Lol...Just a lil stunting, Aston Martin DB9 on them shoes! Its The Shoes!!! LOL, I dont drive but goddamn my team is serious! Hang Em High Ent. to the top, Hush Money Ent. to the top, The Bakery to top!


Blogger Tasha said...

awee hope you feel better soon. an yes the outfit is serious. the dvd sounds good an the aston martin is serious. no reason to drive when you can have people drive for you. hurry up an drop the album so the peopl who do drive have something to bump!

4:47 AM  
Anonymous vicmental said...

Yo...that Just for Kicks DVD is funny...well, BONZ MALONE is funny, dude had me laughing EVERY TIME he was on camera. EVERY TIME!!!

7:14 AM  
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