Thursday, July 13, 2006

These are Fendi. Thanks Bitch!

I so did not leave my house today because of the fucking rain and disturbing heat. I sat around my house all day and...

...Worked on some music for some upcoming projects I have brewing. But I kept my labtop close by chatting with people and getting their feedback on the site and things of that nature. They are loving The High Life from what they are telling me, and it looks like the hat man will be out of business pretty soon.

Like I said, I didnt leave my house all day, but by night fall everything changed. So I get a call around 9:00 and Dominique tells me she's in my neighborhood. Now on the other line is my man No Doubt from V.A., he's the official dj for The Clipse. I so forgot they had a show tonight. He tells me i'm either good at the door or meet them at their hotel. I opt for the door. Such a dork of I. Anyway I click back over and Dominique is lost somewhere near my house, she eventually finds her way speeding down my block, almost hitting some kid playing ball in the street.

Now Dominique is what you would call a "Diva" or "Boss". Many young ladies toss the term diva around so loosely, but she lives it for real. She's all about her money and spending it on the finer things in life. She's such a boss, she ends every fucking sentence with "Thanks Bitch!", smh...such language. Anyway as she gets out of her rental car (just had an accident and totaled her truck..smh)I notice her shoes. I didnt quite decide if I liked em or not. Well my 1st instinct was to joke on em, so I said "what are those things on your feet?" and her reply was "Are you serious? These are Fendi. Thanks Bitch!" Smfh...women! Anyway we chopped it up for a little bit bout "Fly Ass Broke Niggas with No Pride", why spending $400 on a bag is for little girls "I do $1500 or better every trip, you cant be serious" she stated, and she couldnt quite explain to me why she had more shoes and bags in her trunk than most girls do in their closet! "You never know what could happen". Anyway I had a good lil time kicking it with D about her Pucci shoes under the passenger seat and her Dooney & Burke bookbag tossed in the back seat somewhere that she swears is like so very limited edition. She's a mess I swear, but she's a sweetheart, or like I like to call her, Hot Stuff!

So I get to the show around 10:30, Doubt told me I was all good on the list. Get there, the bouncer's acting all stupid talking bout my name aint on the list. So I call up Doubt, he tells me just wait til he gets there. So I wait about 10 mins til they get there and all is well, we go inside and watch J.R Rider perform. Then The Clipse come up and kill it. Funniest part of the performance is when Sandman cursed the soundman for not having cordless mics. He said "Its 2006, this wired up mic shit is played out, next time have more fucking cordless mics!"

No Doubt, Dope, and Pusha

Dope, Liva

Dope, Sandman

Sha Stimuli

Tigga says FUCK YOU!!!

Well I club hopped for the rest of the night after the show. Had to talk my way into damn near every club. Shout to my man Rass Kass who convinced the club owner that they had to let all 20 of us in, and shouts to my man Wais from The Ranjahz for holding me down when the bouncers got all stupid. All in all it was a cool night. I club hopped for a few hours, seen Hollywood and Scooby at Ruby Falls. Also seen my sweetie Tene' lookin sooooooo good in that little skirt she had on, too bad the fucking bouncers kept haggin me about takin flix with my cam. I managed to sneak this shot, me and Rass saying "FUCK THE SECURITY GUARDS!!!!" Til tomor, Dope signing off. Hope it doesnt rain again.


Blogger green said...

feeling the site it's always good to see another black brother doing his thing keep the movement moving.

3:59 AM  
Blogger Hott Stuff said...

Well, let's indulge in the fact that I do not "Poodle dance," so I'm not ur average boss. lol. HOWEVER, i must say, I am o so flattered!! Almost to the point of being intrigued.

P.S. Dooney and Burke is light. Girls are spending like $200 on a lil bag with hearts and nonsense. HOWEVER, the Dooney & Burke all leather was purchased five years ago at a Vintage spot in London. Made in 1950. Hence, YOU CAN'T BUY THAT!!

Thanks Bitch,
Hot Stuff

6:41 AM  

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