Monday, July 10, 2006

Let Me See You Do an Ollie!

So today the crew invaded SOHO, check out our boringly exciting day:

So I sit on Greene st. talking to my boss P from The Fashion Journal, getting my next assignment...

As Hollywood proceeds to curse about a disturbing gesture some dork just made...

...So I bump into Bro. Hassan from the HSAN and he introduces me to Ms. Candis Wilson, a great singer on the rise. Make sure you check for her! She was real cool and insited that we take pics of her friends...

...Boom! Ody rolls up on me and I notice his new hairstyle. The mini mohawk. This look definately fits him cuz he's a fucking rock star! Dope Prada shades by the way...

...So now we see these guys like cruising through SOHO all the time, and we ever so often make fun of them when we see them. I hate those fucking ugly ass hats and I guess these guys think its ok. Well whatever, I really just wanted the girl in the pic because she was kinda alright, but everybody posed. Peep money's bow-tie get up, i'm not too sure bout this one here. And shouts to homie in the black shirt for the gold rope look alike...

...Now this girl comes prancing up the street. I take notice of her nice sunglasses, so I politely asked her to come over. Comes to find out, she's a friend of a friend of the crew! Thats always an easy way in. So I sweet talk her for about 5-10 mins for these shades, and boom! she gives em to me with no hesitation. Good looking out!

Now this kid comes strolling through the block with a skateboard in hand! You know we had to fuck with him right? So we called him over, we told him we were doing a website about fashion, but we really wanted to see if he was a "Poser". So Hollywood blatantly blurts out "Let me see you do an ollie!", the kid looks stumped. His first reaction is "Nah..uhmm...I could do it, but just not here"...???...POSER!!!! He was exposed! We proceeded to laugh at him as he stated he had to rush somewhere. Yeah right....

...So this pretty little lady stands infront of us on her cell phone for what seems like eternity. Talking to who? Who cares. I secretly plot to get her attention soon as that call ends. Phone hangs up, we call her over. She says "Hi" and i'm blinded by the diamonds in her grill. Nah seriously, she had a grill and that made her so much sexier to me. She was so elegantly dressed, but so ghetto. I loved it! Comes to find out she's a rapper from Baltimore. Go ahead girl, we'll be seeing more of her in the High Life if you get my drift...

...Now as we are gettin ready to leave, we bump into my homegirls Rhonesha and Raeana. Now these are some of the coolest girls i've ever met. Not to mention that they are very young and beautiful but they are doing their own damn thing. Rhonesha just got a spread in the new Seventeen magazine, and she's currently working on her debut magazine coming out soon. Young black women doing something positive with their lives, gotta love it. Now Raeana is working hard on her clothing line for men coming soon, she was featured on a MTV special about teens in fashion last summer and now her line is set to blow. These girls are definately gonna be ones to watch for in the near future. Look out Oprah.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey... its assata. oh wow...look who yall found. anyways... look out for PHASE magazine with that exclusive Curtains interview. coming soon. lol

11:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This blog is my new fucking life.

11:35 AM  
Anonymous Q said...

LMAO @ the "skateboarder"

what's up with this skateboarder shit? smh

10:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You make me want to bring my camera around and start documenting what happens in my day to day!!!

All Love,
Brother Hasaun

6:50 AM  
Anonymous vicmental said...


Money w/ the skateboard...HI-LARIOUS!!! He's sooo tryin' waaaaaay too hard.

The crew w/ the dude w/ the bowtie, aight first, a crew should NOT have three cats w/ the same WACK hat on in the same day at the same time...wack suspender get-ups suck, and again a bowtie does dude no justice. Looks like a side-show act. But check it...i'm not talkin' bout' people anymore, I give up, I gotta. One more thing though, the white dude w/ the WACK hat should be a message to all the other folks who hopped on that hat, BACK OFF, it's lame...EXTRA EXTRA.

but the chick w/ those herbs...she's got a nice body.


11:20 AM  
Anonymous Canary said...

awwwww i miss my home; SOHO where r u?...or maybe the question is Canary where the hell are you?? out in Va torch and curtains...i miss yall..oh by the was as u can see im rambling about shyt not pertaining to your blog...smh sowwie. its fantastic so effin funny..i hate those awful hats and the characters who sport them like they are gods gift to man. maybe to a blind man but hey trends r for losers u

Canary is soo out of here...kill me now for commenting 3:26am

12:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ummm..... Curtins I want my glasses bitch

10:26 PM  

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