Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Go To Hell with your $1000 Car!

Today was a slow day. Not much to do, hit the Meat Packing District with Hollywood, ran through SOHO for bout a 1/2 hour with Tiffany and Torch. Not much excitement today but:

Been getting calls and emails all morning from people appreciating what we are doing here at The High Life...

...So I run into my man Koran. Now I give props where props is due and I laugh at cornballs, my man Koran is one of the most fashion forward people I know. It's always a good thing running into him because he always puts me up on some fly shit. Shouts to Koran doing his thing over at 10 Deep clothing company...

...Standing on 14th street for what seems like eternity (actual time 2 hours and 26 minutes) waiting on Hollywood. This guy is stuck to his MDA, emails after emails after emails. Anyway we hit the MPD (Meat Packing District) where the fly get flyer and the losers are clueless. All seemed calm until...

...This guy thought he could cut through traffic. Well he thought wrong, an angry cab driver proceeded to curse him the fuck out and tell him to go to hell with his $1,000 car. Hmmm maybe somebody should inform ol cabby there that that is a $300,000 car, but anyway his cursing made it seem like a hooptie, shit ol cabby boy made my day, I couldnt stop laughing. I wish I had a video recorder to tape that scene.

So I meet Tiffany in SOHO and we stop off at Deborah Rodman's. This place got some of the flyest womens designs and one of the most beautiful store clerks. Check out Key! She's such a sweet girl and not to mention beautiful, she also sings and I would give you her myspace page, but SHE doesnt even remember it. Ladies stop by Deborah Rodman's for a dope dress when you want to get your styling on, right on Prince and Lafayette st.

So now I'm walking around minding my business and Boom! I run into the hat man ruining NYC style. Finally he is revealed. He is none other than.....drumroll please....

TORCH? Nah couldnt be?!?! Lol...nah the hatman proceeded to run away as we tried to get him on camera. Children, Just Say NO! These hats are ruining the lives of our youth, our style, and our city! JUST SAY NO TO THE HAT!!!

OK! Do you need any more convincing than that? This dude probably thought he was hot stuff...lol...I told him I was a photographer for a fashion magazine and i'm doing a piece on NYC style. Well here is my report: Wearing this ugly ass hat will get you laughed at in any boro!

Like I said, today was a slow day, not much excitement, not many people to laugh at, no "skaters" to expose. But I did run into Catherine. She's hot! And I mean HOT! Took a lil convincing to get her to smile, but it was worth it. Til tomor, Dope signing off.


Anonymous Ramone aka Reed said...

I'm feeling what you doing Curtains... always been a supporter since you started your whole movement on this internet tip man.

keep doing what you do

*Dope Boy Reed*

8:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol the white dude in the pic is actually noah shulman... hes one of the dudes from deisgnattic.com hes a video director check his stuff outs its crack... he did the mikey facts be frree video and all

and you can see the mikey video on his main site here:

12:13 AM  
Blogger Bonita Applebaum said...

lol. $1000 dollar car. you those hats are the shit. but theres no bargaining with the hat Broadway HAT MAN! cool blog. ill def be checking out updates!

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

um if you think the infamous CLOWN HAT is COOL then your life equals that of a CORNBALL... thanks

6:20 PM  
Blogger lulu said...

whoever the white guy is he just made my day wearing that hat! i'll be laughing all weekend.

good job mister c.

7:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey dont u mean http://designattic.com/

12:02 AM  
Anonymous monsta island said...

you see how that dude wearing that hat he fucking shit up thats why quan got dem own lock because of shit like dat i still bounce wit my freshprice hat and that lady is fine

2:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys are just going through an everyday phase of fashion, of course "you knew about it before everyone else did" Since it's more widespread now, it's wack, but you once wore them? That's how the world works, stop being so fucking pretentious. Let's see you come up with a new fashion trend instead. But wait...ohhh...if you created something and 13 year olds started wearing it you'd sit back and laugh and hate? I dont think you would when the money start rolling in? Think about that.

2:00 PM  

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