Thursday, July 13, 2006

Check the Resume'

Dealing with this four headed monster they call the music business, stress can creep up on you at any moment. Today was one of those days where I would not let the business dictate my mood. I so dedicated today to myself and just hung in the neighborhood. 'Twas a real peaceful day...

...On the phone with Ody coming up with a timeline for the HSL clothing drop...On the other line with Alicia plotting this weekends happenings. Got a call from my man Ill Tech from Brownsville saying he was coming through the hood...

...and through the hood he came. Shouts to the whole Tek Fam from Brownsville Plaza. Look out for Ill Tech's new mixtape coming soon. His myspace page will be up in about a day or two so make sure you show him some respect...

Regular hood I said it was a peaceful day til...

...One of my bestest friends in the world called me saying that i've been neglecting her and she's about to drop me as a friend. I told her to come through the block and come hang with me. Meet Kari. Known her for eternity, she's like my bestest bud in the world-we just dont get to hang out like that anymore cuz we have such busy lives. Tonight we just drove around, ate, and kicked it about relationships. What a topic to discuss with Kari. You see, Kari's not your typical girl, she's a nigga in a females body. She will crush you, spit on you, laugh in your face and think nothing of it. She's definately a bad bitch. We kicked it about "bitch made niggas" (niggas who lie on their dick, snitch on their/someone elses dick, niggas who indulge in gossip, and plain ol cornballs), "bitches who got their head in the clouds" (Girls who live in the hype, but are chasing illusions. Wake up baby!), and why you gotta "Check the resume'"...Check the resume'? Yeah, always remember to watch your moves and how you stepping. When you half step and slip up, your branded for life! The streets is watching!

So here is where I end my night. Everyday isn't always filled with pure excitement but you learn something new everyday and thats the jewel. I promise you some fun for the weekend, I got a few tricks up my sleeve! Thats it for the night, til tomor, Dope signing off.


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