Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Everyday I'm Hustling!

Yesterday I had a hella bad attitude...work still gotta get done. I took an emergency trip out of the NYC down to Philly to work with my man Don Will, producer extraordinaire. He produced "Thats What it Is" and "The Rebel" off my new album, check my myspace page to hear both of those records: www.myspace.com/itzcurtains . Anyway, we just got some music together for our next classic record.

I will travel to find a hit record!

...See I'm in a bad mood, i'm not even on the phone. My away message was on and I just checked my mail...

...Just had to calm myself down before I lost control. I only smoke when i'm in a bad mood. But my man Don Will smokes all the time, thats how he makes these insanely dope beats. Check him in action...

Like I said, he's a beast!

And this is how I survived the day. Water and Weed! Gosh it was like a zillion degrees outside. Well i'm back in New York now but i'm off to Atlanta on thursday to work some more. Today i'm just gonna rest. Catch ya'll tomor, til then DoPE! signing off!


Blogger Lou Diamond said...

that's what i call hustleing

7:05 AM  
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