Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Kicking it With The Crew

Its been a long time, I shouldnt have left you, without a dope quote to step to! Whats good world? Its DoPE! back on the business...I told ya'll bout the internet signals down here, for some reason my phone and computer get terrible signals, but all in all i been good. Just played it cool with the crew yesterday and had a ball. Check us out:

...On the phone as usual...you know how my story goes. My phone rings non stop, I cant get to chat with everyone but its all good, my real peoples know wassup.Seems like erybody checking on me while i'm away, they miss me and I miss them too. I'm missing a certain someone right now even more, but thats another story...

...Anyway, look who pops up at the door 6 o'clock in the morning! The shitsnake of the year, my brother from the same mother (literally) super engineer ODY! Fresh from the NYC...

...Fyah Stone back in the building also...The crew just chillin at the crib, rolling up that good shit.

...Waterman and Smurf gettin fresh dressed ready to party...

...Now thats my "Rapper" look!lol...outside the club ready to have a good time. Check out some flicks from the nite, I managed to get my camera in...

...What a drunk/high night...all in all had fun...Oh thats me and my man Ice Grill from Crime Mob, you know their hits, "Knuck if u Buck" and "Stilletto's/Pumps" ("she" loves that song...lol). We were twisted as you could see. Til tomr DoPE! signing off!


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