Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Back In Action!

YEAAAAAAH! All technical difficulties have been fixed. Back to order, sorry for the week lost. Anyway, lets see whats been goin on in the life of DoPE!..."She" called and woke me up this morning (how sweet), Still in the studio, Gettin ready for Pool Party on saturday, Still partying hard! Canary I promise I will get that pic up this week, i'm trying to collect a bunch of funny pics to put in one post. Well here is just a recap of the last week:

PISSSEED!!!! I Dont have ANY internet service, here is why...

NO FUCKING POWER!!!! Notice no lights on the board, no lights on the tv...GRRRRR, the fucking weather blew my entire week! We didnt get power back in the studio til monday morning, then the DSL just refused to work! But...

...We got right back to work! More hits! More hits! More hits!!!
Now to some night time action, you know I couldnt leave you out on the fun...

...Getting ready to leave, finally wore my Mars for the 1st time! On the phone with "her" sorry guys, you could stop asking who "she" is cause i'm so not telling anybody! Thats my lil secret. Now for the club...

...Managed to sneak this one flick IN the club...thats my man water in the background with the BBC shirt

...Thats Itchi the Proffessional Shitsnake and Smurf the Cry Baby...Hang Em High still in full effect! The party was so-so...We just went out to promote for the pool party on saturday. If you are in Atlanta on saturday hit me up at for info on the party....

...Thats my homie Joy, but I call her Me, Me, Me cuz thats her famous quote. She's sooooo cute! Well now that we are back in action, I promise more for the week. Til later, DoPE! signing off!


Blogger Kalilah said...

Dopeboy when did u start wearing jewelry? Thats something new.......and lil joy is a cutie. I hope the power stays on in ATL this is like my atlanta dopeboy soap opera. I missed it! love u dope... ur number 1 fan and sister!

8:42 AM  
Anonymous canary said...

glad to see you got some damn lights lol. aww shes so adorable. you know they call me me, me, me also. what a cowinkidink hahaha (that world looks pretty strange)

laterz muaahh

12:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

whats good dope i know who she is

1:26 PM  
Blogger Tasha said...

lol at know who she is, unless you are she...but yeah thanks for bringin my crack back, im not goin through withdrawl anymore..

7:20 PM  

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