Monday, August 14, 2006

The Pool Party

So the pool party was off the fucking hook! All who attended left with great memories and high alcohol levels! lol...My whole crew was in attendance minus 2 or 3 people. All in all it was the best!!! Check out the excitement:

Torch fresh from the airport!!! He almost didnt make it

"Entertainment" lol...and uhh, those arent bikini bra's, notice the yeah I know, you wish you came...

Hush Money Ent. Came thru and popped a few bottles with the team...

Ody fresh to death as usual

Smurf fresh in that HSL (Coming heavy real soon I promise)

The scene around the house

LMOA...entertaining the entertainment...No comment!


3 The Hard Way!!! The Triangle Offense: Torch, Ody, and DoPE!

Shay and the O.G of the crew Oz...50 Years old and flyer than most of ya'll young boys!

Jam packed in the crib! The party was off the hook, had a blast til...

...Cops tried to end the fun...smh...fuckinig assholes! We had a blast tho...partied til 5 in the morning...

...Maybe I had a lil too much fun, but...

What more could I say? The 3rd annual Million Dollar Mansion Pool Party was serious!!! Wish you were here to enjoy it...maybe next year. Til later, DoPE! signing off.


Blogger Tasha said...

i want that hsl tee shirt badly. an by the way i hope "she" whops ya ass lol. you know why

Love ya lil sis lol

8:34 PM  

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