Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My Life's A Movie

So i'm out in LA for the week taking care of small business. Landed monday, had a quick meeting and just stayed in my hotel room and caught up on sleep. Yesterday which I call day 1 was full of excitement. Check the flicks and read the story:

Early in the morning stopped off at the label to have a few meetings and iron out some situations...

...Thats my man Jon Stock, he handles all my business when it comes to music. This is the 1st call I make soon as I land in LA...

...The 2nd call I make is to my man Tyrese aka Black Ty. Of celebrities I know personally, he's probably the realest. He's just a real down to earth dude and cool as shit! Every time im in LA I gotta hang with my boy. Anyway I call him up and he tells me to meet him on the set of the new "Transformers" movie. I didnt expect what I encountered. Let me start by saying, there is a strictly enforced NO PICTURE TAKING rule on movie sets so I couldnt get any pics of the film (sorry), but let me tell you, TRANSFORMERS is set to be the biggest movie in a loooooooooooooooong time. I had the pleasure of meeting Michael Mann (Director of Bad Boys 1 & 2 and countless other movie smashes), John Voit (Legendary actor and Angelina Jolie's father) and Anthony Anderson (Great actor/comedian). The set was extravagant and so unreal. Tyrese gave me a tour of the set and every set change I saw was mind blowing. I dont even know if i'm spose to be talking bout this right now, but when the movie drops July 4th 2007 I advise you to check it out, its one of those classic films.

Antony Anderson, Tyrese and DoPE! behind the scenes

After I left the set, went to go eat at the world famous Roscoes Chicken and of the greatest places to eat on earth (Dead serious!)...

...Then its off to the studio to work with Tyrese for the rest of the night...

DoPE!, Black Ty/Tyrese, DJ S&S, Jon Stock in the studio lounge

And on my way back to the hotel this morning I saw this wonderful piece of work. Didnt get to see it up close but I think its a Lotus, whatever it is, it was sick! Til later on DoPE! signing off.


Anonymous bapesandbbc said...

this blog is crack

from bapesandbbc

1:09 PM  
Blogger Kalilah said...

tyrese look like he serious on his writing game, lol @ that, miss jones b getting on him, anyway, hurry up and come home, im tired of complaining to other people, ur the only one that really understands me dope boy. love u. safe trip, c u at the airport. NO LIQUIDS ON THE PLANE!

2:14 PM  
Blogger Tasha said...

damn my bro makes serious moves like no other person on the planet. well hurry home soon....someone's bday is around the corner....wonder who?

6:52 PM  

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