Thursday, February 17, 2011

Style Diary: CurT@!n$ x Complex Mag Day 3...

Day 3: This is my favorite look to pull off. It's the "I got somewhere important to go after here" look. A dinner jacket worn during the day time is usually a fashion no-no, but I make the rules here.

Band of Outsiders Dinner Jacket: This jacket is a statement piece. One button, satin lapel, notch collar—this jacket is killer. Band of Outsiders masters the marriage of cut and fabrication perfectly. This was actually my first piece from the brand and I'm already a believer. Dinner jackets are tuxedo jackets worn separately from tuxedo pants. They are reserved for semi-formal affairs and are a night time staple. I never ever ever wear a dinner jacket with a dress shirt nor with dress pants; t-shirts and jeans only. The dinner jacket is a sure staple in every man's wardrobe. I don't care how good you think you dress, or how "fly" you think you are. If you can't pull off a dinner jacket, you ain't saying much.

Alstyle Apparel T-Shirt: Simple black tee. Alstyle or AAA as the brand is called is the industry standard for printed T-shirts. Every major streetwear brand uses Alstyle. I really love the weight and the cut of the shirt. I buy these in bulk when I'm in Downtown Los Angeles. Most of my regular blank tees are AAA. Simple with a great fit. What more could you ask for?

H&M Belt: All-day, everyday. I think I need a new hole in it, losing weight by the day.

Dior Homme Jeans: Another all-day, everyday staple in my wardrobe. I'm not the biggest fan of raw denim. It's cool but I love worn-in, washed denim. When I first saw these jeans, I was drawn to the wash. It gave that "lived-in" feel to the jean, but it was unlike any other wash I've seen in denim that wasn't naturally worn-in. I ran into Hedi Slimane on the street a few times and I always thank him for making these jeans.

Bottega Veneta Boots: My boy Chace calls these the $1,000 Doc Martens, and I might have to agree. One thing that sets these apart from any pair of Doc Martens is the horse leather shell and the creeper sole. People stop me all the time asking where did I get my Doc Martens. These are an all-purpose pair. I can dress it up with a dinner jacket or dress it down with a leather jacket as I usually do...


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