Monday, October 09, 2006

Dope Goes Back To School!

Finally after a long delay, DoPE! is back in school!!! Getting my degree in Visual Communications at ______ school (if you know then you know, no need to broadcast). This was my decision to go back to school and I chose this field for a few tricks I have up my sleeve. DoPE! is bigger than music. So if I seem to not be heavy on the updates, pardon me, I have a full schedule, 5 days a week and I have 2 classes that are 5 hours each!!! So you know I gotta take this school shit seriously cuz its expensive as hell!!!! So wish me luck ya'll, I got 18 months in this program and then I graduate with a degree in Visual Communications and then I could turn the heat up on the world. Dont worry everything else is still in place. Got a few announcements to make later this week, maybe one tonight soon as I get confirmation. Til then, DoPE! signing off.


Blogger Tasha said...

glad that youre back in school. yeah dont need to tell anyone where you at, then niggas might try an transfer. an you know im not lying either! lol

10:30 AM  

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