Sunday, September 17, 2006

Be Back Soon!

Sorry ya'll, DoPE's a lil under the weather, besides being physically sick (this fucking weather!) I got a lot of personal problems fucking with me right now so I aint been too picture takey this past week. But! We shall return this week with some new adventures. Take care ya'll, hope ya'll had a good week/weekend...Til tomor DoPE! signing off.
P.S-Bids for my 1st rope is up to $1000, but I have 2 so it aint a thing. I shall not return to rope chains again, I promise you that!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

under the weather my ass dope boy! I seen u downtown bk last week with ur ppl. u walked right pass my store "silver rose"....stop that bs and quit being lazy! laterz lol


7:47 PM  

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