Friday, September 01, 2006


Ok so I opted against sneaking into the vma's and decided to just party the fuck away, and that I did. My night started off with me in a bad mood and I took no pics, by the time I started enjoyin myself, I forgot to take flicks, but I had a blast. Me and my homie International Alicia bumped into each other as we were both rollin solo club hopping. We got into the most impossible of impossible parties! Minus the ruckus at Puff's party (Cops shut the party down before it started, beating people up outside, it was a sight to see how racist and classist police are in NYC. Fuck the Cops!) But the real party ended up being outside the club where ppl just jonesed around and chilled. Tyrese entertained everybody outside with his new mix cd (Check for DoPE! on there Track 8), Even Russell Simmons was outside chilling. Beyonce's party was the same thing, instead it was at the 40/40 club and they are racist themselves (hmmm a black owned club racist against blacks?) Fuck the 40/40! But we got into the most impossible party of the night, the Boost mobile party at Marquee. If u know Marquee then u know that it is impossible to get in on a regular night. Cops shut down the surrounding 3 blocks of the club, now to even get on the block was a mission in itself. But hey my names DoPE!, got passed the cops, got past the block long line, straight to the front and walked the fuck in! 5 mins tops I spent outside! Shouts to my man Ferris Bueller and Plain Pat who did that mission with me. Anyway, I did bout 5 clubs in total. Hollywood and Emani wanted to stay at Sol at the Busta Rhymes party but I wasnt feeling it so I dipped out solo. They said it was jumping tho. My night ended at bout 5:30 this morn with some strange chick callin my phone private and hanging up after saying "uh huh" smh! wtf? get a fucking life!

DoPE! now all night the billion dollar question was "yo where'd u get that jacket?" i'm not telling and i'm not selling. Bryan Barber (famous video director and "Idlewild" director offered me some money but I declined) other ppl offered to pay me to tell em where I got it. Fuck that! Lmao...I will not give in. But you know honestly fuck my jacket, fuck my outfit, fuck my rope, this nigga took the crown for the night...

Nigo wins the "Let me shit on niggas tonight" award with this fucking chain. Serious!!! Nas still has the best rope chain but this shit won the crown for the night. Give me the weekend and i'll give you my personal take on the VMA's, the show, the fashion and the events. I gotta gather my thoughts. Til tomor, DoPE! signing off.


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