Sunday, September 10, 2006

Grind Mode!

Yo word to everything I love I aint sleep in 52 hours and counting. I just got back in the crib, too tired to even type, check my weekend out.

Studio'ing it all fucking weekend...

ALL FUCKING WEEKEND! Sorry ya'll i'm running on E...

My man Clark busts out on me with the 5 Grapes and i'm hurt, so til tomor i'm bout to hit my bed ya'll, I gotta go register for school in the morning, and I still got last minute preps for tomor night...hope ya'll all coming thru...hit me up at for any extra info u need. Nite, nite! *DoPE!*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

52 hours? thats od mr. how bout to stop myspac'in an bloggin an take ya ass to sleep lol

11:23 AM  

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