Thursday, September 07, 2006


Yestrday was a busy day as I worked on the FDNY mixtape. The 1st session was a great start, cant wait til its done. As you all know i'm hyped bout this FDNY project and I hope you guys love it when it drops. Not much to talk bout but work, so check me out.

"I tell her, i'm a rap star-Hi bitch!/ I got suicide doors, come die bitch!" DoPE!

"Aeronautic-the boy so fly, i'm a soldier simplified/ if its too complex let me simplify/ Fuck with 2-G and you simply die!" My nigga 2G...

"Half of ya'll run with posers, I split your waves- when i'm clapping that gun i'm moses!" My nigga W.M aka Millions

God's favorite DJ...Dj Clark Kent...

Cus...Engineer to the stars....

Dre Council aka Get the Shit Done!

Talking that talk in the booth...check behind me, see that madness? Please understand my man Clark Kent is the hands down sneaker king of all time! That is not even 5% of his collection, that was just part of the booth! Its The Shoes!

Myspace'm an addict, but check what I just got...

Ok now this looks like a plain white fitted, but this is a super exclusive only 150 in existance Cashmere white New Era fitted hat. This was for the grand opening of the New Era store in NY a few months back. They finally sent mine to me. This hat is valued at $ is pure white cashmere with 14k White gold fixings on it. If you could see it close it says "New Era New York" on the front with a skyline going all the way around. See the box it comes in? it has a mirror so you could see how fucking fly you are for having this hat...I'm so lucky to be me sometimes. Guess how much I paid for this $600 hat? NOTHING! Just some perks of being a cool motherfucker! Lol. Note: I will NEVER wear this hat, this is for viewing pleasure only, plus I got a thing about wearing white fitteds. So this will be a collectors item I will keep forever. Anyway i'm in the studio now, so til later DoPE! signing off.


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