Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Leaders Of The New School Performance

So the show was insane! Crazy! Nuts! Bananas! Whatever the fuck word you use, it was that! My nigga Mickey Factz aka Jack Daniels aka Renegade (known him as that for years!) came on 1st and bodied it. Shout to GFC and Laced magazine. Far as my performance, I think I did outstanding. Not to toot my own horn, but damn I put so much time and effort into this performance I think I did a great job. I mean sometimes you gotta judge yourself, in this case I give myself a 10! So to recap the performance for those who missed it (its all on tape coming to youtube soon as someone shows me how to do it). So I come out and introduce myself to the crowd, ask "do ya'll like that real hip-hop shit? if so, fuck with this right here" I play "Warm it Up Kane" for the crowd to loosen up to. After the hook I cut it, talk a lil bit more shit then go into "Thats What it Is", besides the fucking soundman playing games with the mics, the song went without a hitch. After the 1st verse and hook I stop the song, tell the crowd that the energy level is at a 6 and we need an 8 at least. I then re-ask if they fuck with real hip-hop? Then I throw on "Know-The-Ledge", while song is playing I sneak off to change my outfit (Threw on vintage coca-cola hat, coca-cola polo shirt, Military Jordan 4's, Vintage shades, my 2 ropes, and my playboy bunny gold cap) As I sneak back on the scene, I stop the song, tell the crowd that i'm a real hip-hop nigga, and because i'm a real hip-hop nigga, i'ma rock over that joint. I proceed to do my world famous "Know-the-Ledge freestyle" and kill it! After the freestyle I tell the crowd they are at a 7.5 and we still need an 8, I then request anybody who dont give a fuck about nothing put a middle finger up in the air, and went right into "The Rebel". Now due to a shortage of a stage (there actually wasnt one) One of my plans went to waste...(I had a bunch of "Curtains" lighters I planned on throwing into the crowd, but due to me performing right on the floor, I just threw out 2 of em) But anyway the song went hitchless (besides the fucking soundman playing with the levels!) After the 1st verse and hook I cut the song. Tell the crowd they are moving at an 8 and we need a 10. I then remind them that I only fuck with real hip-hop, so check this out. I put on "I Got It Made" for them to jam to while I again snuck off to change (Jordan t shirt, Vintage Jordan jacket, Mars 4's, Cincinnati Reds fitted), I snuck back on and cut the music. I then proceeded to tell the crowd a little story about a girl stopping me in the street asking about my outfit, as I ended the story with "most dudes trip out when girls give em that attention, but me-i'm used to it, cuz people everywhere wanna stare when I move, and when they ask how I do what I do-I just tell em its the shoes!" The crowd loses it! The beat for "Its The Shoe's" drops and I instruct every body to take off one foot and hold it up in the air (I stole that from when Run-Dmc performed "My Adidas" at the Garden back in '84) But they complied and rocked with me, mid way into the 1st verse I stopped, and ran the song back to the start. The crowd sang along the words to the entire song. After the song was done totally, I cut the music off and proceeded to spit the verse to the unreleased remix to "...The Shoes" accapella and the crowd went nuts! After that I just thanked the crowd and thanked the promoters and made my exit. Only bad thing about last night is my camera died before I even got to the venue. So please....PLEASE!!! ANYBODY WHO TOOK PICTURES LAST NIGHT PLEASE EMAIL THEM TO ME AT DOPEBOYYC@AOL.COM SO I CAN POST SOME, I WILL DEFINATELY GIVE YOUR PICTURE CREDITS, PLEASE SEND THEM TO ME ASAP! THANKS. Til tomor, DoPE! signing off.
P.S-Last night was the last night of my ropes. I retire them, Any one interested in them, email me.


Blogger Jay said...

Awww come on Dope...I was actually lookin forward to seeing those pictures of the performance...Gotta keep that Cam charged at all times Homie. In all it sounds like you blew up the spot though, congrats on everything, shit I hope everything goes that way for us at our performance at the Pyramid on the 26th (a lil promoting tactic right there..lol) Can't wait to see sum pics..Keep in touch Homie...Stay Fly or Die

CEO of Entaprise Records
Young Menace's Manager
Killa-K's Manager

7:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger MeLo-X said...

nigga u talking bout i was playing games wit the mic....but i told u to wait a sec before u went on so i cud set it up.....but u wanted to beast on it so i let u go....and i had to fix shit on the fly...plus ya man was doing the cd's and messing up...so dont point da finger at the good guy...anyway it was a dope performance...1

12:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lets charge the camera the next time we decide to change 3 times an have a DoPE ass performanace! mmkay?

8:40 PM  

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