Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Curtains Interview

So I thought this would be funny. People say i'm skitzo, people say i'm bi-polar, so to poke fun at myself, Dope Boy C is gonna interview Curtains and pick his brain on issues from music to art to fashion to females to lifestyles. Lol. Get to know me and my thoughts a lil better, Check it out:

Dope Boy C: Wassup wassup ya'll, today i'm sitting here with the international rhyme slayer Curtains from the undisputed champion of styling crew Hang Em High! Curtains whats going on today?

Curtains: Just chillin, chillin, aint much to it, just doing it, you know?

Dope Boy C: Nah I dont know, but why dont you start by telling people where the name Curtains came from.

Curtains: Well the name Curtains comes from my outlandish personality and ability to shut shit down when I come through the spot. Everything stops when I walk in a room, when the curtains go up then the show starts, soon as it comes down shit shut down, its just like that you know?

Dope Boy C: Kinda sorta but whatever. Now tell us was being a rapper always your dream or was there another goal for you in life?

Curtains: Nah man, I hated rap as a kid, I hated music, I wanted to be an artist. I could draw my ass off and thats where my creativity as a person derived from. I wanted to be as famous as Picasso or one of them niggas, making $10 mil off one fucking painting. The thing that drew me to music wasnt even music, it was this nigga LL Cool J's swag. This motherfucker got in another nigga's video and aint even show his face but he stole the show! (Note: video in question was EPMD's Rampage where LL never actually showed his face in the video but rapped from behind a curtain, where only his silouette could be made out). Yeah son, this nigga was rapping from behind the fucking curtains smashing shit. That moment, I was like fuck Picasso-this LL nigga is it! You know?

Dope Boy C: Yeah i'm getting it a lil bit now. So after LL's performance in that video what captivated you to hip-hop?

Curtains: The nigga Slick Rick had wild jewels on son! Where i'm from niggas aint have that many chains on looking clean like that, I was like "Yo! what the fuck is this nigga?" Word to Kimmy son this nigga Slick Rick had wild chains and shit, so mix that with LL's swag for the ladies, Kane's harshness to sucker ass niggas, Biz Markies playfulness and Rakim's beautiful wordplay- A star was born g, yeah I put all them niggas together in my mind and became the illest! You know?

Dope Boy C: Yeah I could dig it. Now you name drop many prominent old school rap pioneers, but you are only 22, making you born in 1984 which means those guys were not in their glory days at your time of upbringing. Now who were the artist in your generation that made you say wow!?

Curtains: Yo g to be honest with you, I was a LL fan all the way through knawmean? Some niggas came and went but I was with L til the end, and his end aint come so i'm still fucking with him! B.I.G was that nigga too, Jay-Z used to talk that talk and Nas kicked that ill hood shit, but LL was my bar of greatness man, fuck what you heard! You know?

Dope Boy C: Yeah, so moving along, you have a keen sense of style, seeming to derive from the early 90's. Where did you develop this love for fashion?

Curtains: I just like looking good son! A nigga like me used to watch them ill niggas rock they lil ropes and Jordans and Polo shit, but I was a lil nigga so I couldnt really live that. I went through all types of fashion phases, but remembering the days of gold ropes, Starter jackets, Jordans, Levi's, and all that colorful fly shit make a nigga feel good. Lotta niggas jock the tip-toe but it's all good, I aint invent this style, I just do it to the best of my ability so who am I to claim credit for it? You Know?

Dope Boy C: Right, now describe a typical day in the life of Curtains.

Curtains: Well I wake up bout an hour after I just went to sleep, fuck around on the internet before I even brush my teeth. Nasty right? but fuck it, i'm in my house so I do what the fuck I please. So yeah, I internet around for a few, could be up to 2 hours before I actually get up and running. Then I take care of my bodily needs, get dressed and follow the days needs. Could be studio sessions, could be a simple meeting, could be just chillin out with my niggas in the city. Whatever the day calls for I do. Aint no set schedule knawmean? You know?

Dope Boy C: Uh I guess so. So lets switch it up a lil bit, How are the females in Curtains life?

Curtains: Well i'm single. Am I happy bout that? Nah but whatever, its life. Sometimes it works out beter for me that I dont have anyone to really answer to, other times you want someone to just chill with and tell your stories to. I aint tripping though, I got a special friend who come around when she feels like. Strange relationship if you ask me but thats the closest I have to a "Girl". You know?

Dope Boy C: Nah I dont know nothing you talkin bout homie, but whatever. What is the ultimate goal in life for Curtains?

Curtains: Strange as it seems I really just want to build up my finances to the point where I could play the background and run shit. Give niggas power from behind the scenes knawmean? I'm a Leo so I crave and love attention but i'm also an introverted person so I like to be to myself at times. So I could do this superstar shit for a while, get the finances to open up wild businesses, sit behind a desk and give hood niggas like myself who want to come up out of all the bullshit the chance to actually make moves. I'm really a giving person so me doing this music is just a sacrifice to get financial aid to really set up shop for the unfortunate. I want to be like Santa Clause just handing out opportunities to people who are unaware of those opportunities. You Know?

Dope Boy C: Yeah I could dig that homie. Any last words to the people here at the High Life?

Curtains: Yeah, just be yourself and be happy to be yourself. Draw your own lines instead of tracing and you will appreciate the painting that much more! Apply that to life and you will be unstopable. Stay real and fuck the naysayers! You Know?


Blogger Tasha said...

the most creative thing i've ever seen you do lol. that shit had me rolling! cant wait for the other interview lol

3:49 PM  
Blogger DontQuestionKings.COM said...

LOL Cool interview.

9:27 AM  
Anonymous KIMZ said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

YeP i mUsT aGrEe tHis iS VERYY cReaTiVe...GoTTa sPLiT PeRsOnALiTy BuT ThATs WaT MaKeS iT FuN!


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