Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dope Boy C Interview

Lmao...hope ya'll enjoyed that Curtains interview, now here is Dope Boy C, the total opposite of Curtains. Dope Boy is waaaay more outspoken and he dont give a fuck! Dope likes random shit talking but he has a clear path in his mind of the point he's tryna get off. Check it out as Curtains Interviews the ever unpredictable Dope Boy C:

Curtains: So today we sit with the ever outspoken self proclaimed "Illest nigga doin it" Dope Boy C. Welcome Dope Boy.

Dope Boy C: Yeah whattup. Lets go, ask me anything son, ask me some interesting shit too, not no corny popcorn shit. Ask me what the fuck you really wanna know.

Curtains: Fine, lets get straight to it, where did a name like Dope Boy C come from?

Dope Boy C: Yo word to Kimmy son I aint even make this name up, my man Water from the imperial Hang Em High squad called me that one day and that shit stuck with me for life. Down bottom they call hustlers "Dope Boys" so I gave my own lil meaning to the term, i'm a hustler by nature but i'm a New York Brooklyn nigga, so the "Dope Boy" is a way of being, a state of mind, the fucking way I walk, talk, dress, spit that speech, all that, down to the bitches I fucks with, my lifestyle is Dope. And also thats a nod to them rope chain wearing niggas from back in the early 90's and late 80's pushing that shit to get that whip, know what i'm sayin, just a nod to them MCM jacket wearing, 4 finger ring, Ferrari driving ill niggas that was killin shit in NY back in that era. The "C" is just short for Curtains. That it.

Curtains: Great! Because there have been a huge influx of dope this, dope that floating around. Everybody want to call themselves "DOPE", whats your take on that?

Dope Boy C: Niggas is biters! Straight up, word to Kimmy, niggas is biters. Niggas wanna dickride off of another niggas creativity. Corny niggas you know? Niggas jack mad styles, names and all type of shit to be down. Hoe ass niggas you know? Niggas done bit off Pharrell shit! I see niggas callin themselves skateboard this, skateboard that, a-z'ing the nigga shit. Kanye get on his lil Louis Vuitton Don shit, you jerks feel the need to bite that shit. Jim Jones got his lil swagger game going and niggas is biting that shit, the shit is disgusting man, I mean come on be yourself, you might actually like it! DICKRIDERS! I dont want no nigga jocking my lifestyle. Niggas is lifestlye jackers now, fuck jocking your style, niggas wanna run with your lifestyle. They see you partying here, they wanna party here, they see u fucking this bitch, they wanna get at her, they see you eat at this spot, they making reservations now. Niggas is lifestlye biters man. But fuck that I dont wanna see none of these lil niggas jocking my shit, they trying but they 10 steps behind, they where I was at last year, 2 years ago. But they dont got that passion to be DoPE! And thats why I made this blog shit here to show niggas why i'm that nigga I claim to be. I aint normal. You niggas is running round clueless with no identity. Last year you niggas was gangstas this year you niggas is skaters? Fuck outta here! I laugh at perpetrators, cuz in their mind they really believe themselves and that shit crack me the fuck up yo. Niggas look at me sideways and shit when they biting my shit like i'm spose to agree with em. Nah lil nigga ima clown you, you niggas is biters word up!

Curtains: Wow, seems like you got a lot on your mind...

Dope Boy C: Yeah cuz these happy go lucky niggas be running round like that shit is all cake, nigga i'll spit in yo face! One thing I cant stand is a bitch ass nigga but a proud bitch ass nigga I despise. Niggas be biting and shit and running round like captains. New York was always known for being innovators and shit, now all I see is carbon copy's. Myspace giving these niggas a platform for their fuckry, thats why I had to get the fuck up out of there yo, straight up. Niggas be real happy go lucky with they shit. posting subliminal comments on other peoples page bout my team, say names nigga so when I see you I could knock you the fuck out! Dont hide behind your words! And this aint no subliminal to no certain individual or crew, i'm talkin to all ya'll motherfuckers throwing rocks and hiding your hand. And you wonder why I dont fuck with half these niggas? Niggas I fucks with know I fucks with them cuz I fucks with them like I really fucks with them! G.F.C whattup? I fucks with the whole G.F.C cuz they do them and aint worried bout other motherfuckers like you other sucker ass niggas. Its a couple others out there I fucks with but not that many. You see Curtains, you the nice guy, you fucks with whoever cuz you the artist and shit so its polite, me- man fuck these niggas I dont like most of ya'll! Couple niggas is real, lotta niggas is phony! A.L.I.E.N whattup? I fucks with them too. But like my main homie Tiffany say, lotta ya'll motherfuckers is trashbags, straight the fuck up and down man.

Curtains: I hear where your coming from, its definately an identity crisis goin on in society today. Do you see things changing anytime soon?

Dope Boy C: Hell nah! niggas is biters son word up, they gon latch on to whatever is in at the moment, niggas is scared to be different. Niggas is Lupe Fiasco'd the fuck up today, who knows tomor niggas might be Papoose'd the fuck out. Thats why i'm scared of fame b, cuz niggas gon be tracing my lil tip toe I put together and I cant be having that shit yo. I dont get it, I understand digging a niggas music, but to think for one second you could duplicate that niggas aura, thats some scary shit. Like word to Kimmy its really niggas out there who think they are Pharrell, they dress, talk, walk, and mimic this niggas every move. Then you got these Lupe Fiasco's popping up lately, like you niggas understand the technique this nigga tryna twist. And thats the scary part, because as a society, if the next generation only wants to mimic and duplicate what they view as "cool" and "in" without knowing the proper aesthetics and ideology behind what they are folowing, then we have a fucking problem. Lil niggas dont understand the ideology behind what they wear and what they do and symbolize. Word to Kimmy I found out what "Bape" really stood for and I stopped wearing that shit, like straight up, I aint a "Bape" so why the fuck should I represent that? I mean the clothes and the sneakers are great to look at, dont get me wrong, but I dont swing with the ideology behind the brand, and if 90% of these niggas took the time out to research lil shit like Bape, the hanging of chain off of the belt, the bandana over the face, the whole shit niggas is on now, I guarantee niggas will change they whole outlook. But thats today's societys problem, niggas dont wanna learn, niggas wanna watch and walk. Its like watching a boxer fighting and go "Oh i could do that", without proper knowledge and training, you are getting knocked the fuck out, word to Kimmy, so I say to them run-behind-a-trend ass niggas, is just learn whats going on, understand that brand you representing on your shirt. Learn something so you aint walking blind in the world. Like they say 85% of the world is dumb deaf and blind, smarten up young'ns.

Curtains: Very deep, now a little off subject but whats your take on the current state of music?

Dope Boy C: That shit is weak son word to Kimmy that shit is weak. Last album I bought was Gnarls Barkley and thats my shit right there, other than that I dont listen to none of that garbage niggas be putting out. Even my favorite niggas is weak now. I aint hear a good Jay-Z rap since '03 my nigga, and jigga's that nigga son but niggas whole styles gettin weak. I fucks with the Jim Jones nigga cuz he be having his lil fun with the shit. Too much niggas be too serious with they shit, enjoy it nigga! Shit is called entertainment man I aint tryna be bored with your serious bullshit. And its seriously bullshit! Word to Kimmy them niggas is weak son.

Curtains: Nice, now whats your take on the current state of Fashion? We know you are a self proclaimed fashionista, tell us your thoughts.

Dope Boy C: Fuck you mean self proclaimed? Word to Kimmy son niggas gave me that title. Niggas know I get right with the threads. Fuck a self proclaim, the people annointed me style lord since '84 bithces! I do that there with it. I embody styles nigga, niggas is biters tho so I gotta switch my steez like every 2 coughs, you know? But word to real though, I love seeing fly shit man, real fly shit get my nerves tingling. I see a fly bitch and I love it, I see a fly nigga and I salute. Niggas be too cocky to give it up to other motherfuckers keeping shit fly but I dont stunt, I give it up when a nigga put his thread game down right. Niggas is haters man straight up, niggas dont wanna salute a nigga like me cuz I run circles round them niggas with the cloth, but fuck all that hating shit nigga salute a motherfucker when you see that sick fit. I love a fly bad bitch in some sneakers though, any woman could pull off heels and shit cuz thats natural,but for a chick to pull off some ill kicks and that shit rock well, thats magic. Its like them man bags niggas be rocking, that shit aint natural for a dude, so if a nigga could pull that off and still be a dude, that shit is ill. Yo not for nothing gay niggas be the flyest niggas though son. Fuck that homophobic shit, them gay niggas be up on style early. They get real right with the thread game. I dont discriminate on nobody son, if you a ill motherfucker then you a ill motherfucker no matter, age, sex, race, or orientation, fly is fly. Word to Kimmy.

Curtains: Lets shift gears for a minute, whats with the women in DoPE's life?

Dope Boy C: Man fuck a bitch right now! Women are confused. I meet a bitch, fuck a bitch, next thing u know my man fucking the bitch and she get mad a me for calling her a bitch!?!? If you gon do hoe-ish shit then do it with pride bitch, dont be undercover slutting and expected to get treated like a "princess", I respect women who respect themselves and shit on those who deserve it. Them real women who I fucks with know I fucks with them cuz I treat them with the utmost respect dog, I got a moms, wild aunts and 3 sisters ya dig, so I cant be out here disrespecting women like that, but on some shit, them think they too cute bitches could go somewhere with that bullshit. I'll spit in a bitch face too. But to answer the question, yeah I got the hottest chick in the game with my name in her earrings nigga. Word to Kimmy bitches cant fuck with my young queen, she know whats what with DoPE and thats all that matters yo, word up!

Curtains: Hmmm interesting, now what exactly are Dope Boy C's plan for life?

Dope Boy C: Man fuck that planning shit, I might die tomor nigga, I aint tryna be laid up in a casket like damn! I shoulda enjoyed last night...nigga fuck that ima enjoy every minute, every moment of my life. Enjoy my wife, Get right with my niggas, get money, get fly, and smile. Eat good food and crack jokes on fucking losers. Staying sucker free is the key to me. These sucker niggas man I tell you, they get lost in that dust man. Fucked up in the head. I wish you niggas well.

Curtains: Any last words for the people here at the High Life?

Dope Boy C: Yeah, hell yeah! Dont be a follower, a bitch, a snitch, or a loser. Real niggas stay real and fuck these wannabee's, read a book or 2 get your mind in shape...Ladies, respect yourself or get treated like shit, point blank! Hang Em High is the worlds greatest collective of individuals ever assembled...Torch, Ody, Bless, Showcase, Water, Hollywood, Ko, Ghost, Ghostwridah, Fyah Stone, Stretch, Spidey, Jalen, and Famous (R.I.P). You niggas dont like me? cant stand me? wanna talk shit to me/about me? tell it to me!, im: dopeboyyc, , 347-414-2764 (and thats really my number) call me if its that real. Other than that, I aint got much else to say. Keep Dope ALive!!!


Anonymous fightdapower said...

you are that nigga homeboy keep doin what you do. Cant wait for more of this on the blog. You made my day with this one

7:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

damn. i liked this one more than the curtains interview, even tho yall the same. lol.

9:45 AM  

hahahahahahahahaha this is funny too funny.But how dope boy got a girl and curtains dont? i'm not understanding that one there. Same person different name but one is single and one says he wants to enjoy his wife? how bout we have a sit down with the both of them together and see

12:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"New York was always known for being innovators and shit, now all I see is carbon copy's. Myspace giving these niggas a platform for their fuckry"

So TrUe..sHiT iS cRaZy RiTe NoW iN Da wHoLe FaSHiOn tHinG..aNd uR RiTe aBouT eVErY1 BeIng a FoLLoWeR g0Ne r tHe DaYs wHeRe pPL DiD tHeYrE oWn tHinG n wErE aCtuaL LeaDeRs...::sHaKiN mY HeaD::


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