Friday, October 13, 2006

Spread Love Not War!

Few updates for the day. 1st off, my 1st week of school was swell, i'm enjoying it right now. 2ndly I finally got the complete footage to the Epydemik dvd sneaker segment posted below. So soon as I get it youtube'd then the entire segment will be up. Shouts to Esteban, Sin City, Omen and the whole EMW Team. 3rd check for my man L.G's new project "Industry Co-Sign Pt. 3" cd/dvd out now. I'm in the music video for "Here Withcha" but not on the mix-tape, its all love tho, make sure you support my homie! .4th There will definately be a video shoot for the "Know-The-Ledge" freestyle sometime next week, just trying to finalize location, date and time. So soon as I am aware of whats going on, I will definately post it. 4th, there will be also definately most positively be a video for "Its The Shoes" being shot sometime within the next 3 weeks or so. So all NYC sneaker heads get your most coveted kicks ready for only the ILLEST pairs will make it on the video, so get your foot game right. Last I just wanna shout out the flyest blog on the net right now, the only blog really fucking with The High Life, my peoples down at i'm on this site everyday checking for updates and checking out flicks of fly shit universal. Shouts to the whole Circus Crew doing their thing. Other than that i'm just plain ol DoPE! Tonight is Sneaker Pimps and i'm like so not sure if i'm gonna be there but who knows. Til tomor DoPE! signing off.


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