Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fair Warning!

As you may have noticed the 1st youtube video I posted of me in the studio has been deleted. A certain someone later on decided to not be included in the footage. So the footage is being re-edited and will be reposted asap. Now this is going to be my only time speaking on this subject. If you see me, and you see a camera whether video or photo around me ACTIVELY, and you desire to not be included in the footage, that is your choice. Now if you ACTIVELY participate and interact with the camera KNOWINGLY of the intentions of the footage I CAN and more than likely WILL use the footage for the blog posts. I have made this one exception because I never addressed the topic, but now that I have, I will NOT, I repeat NOT waste my or my camera team's (Pillz and Mike whattup!) precious time dealing with bullshit and going back to re-edit or delete posts. We analyze the posts attentively numerous times before they are posted, if you know anything about editing film, it takes HOURS! So in fairness to my team, I shall not ask them to re-edit ANYTHING!!! at the request of someone else besides the 4 names listed as contributors to the blog (Dope, Ody, Torch, and Hollywood) So you can take that how you want it I could give a fuck, just know, if you dont want to be on film/blog, just say so, dont participate and then have a change of heart later on. That being said, I'm going back to class. Til Later on, *DoPE!*


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