Friday, January 16, 2009

Random DopE Boy C

Random Thoughts From My Mind This Week:

MIXTAPE FINALLY OUT!!!! Finally...Hope ya'll liked it...Video finally dropped!...Hoped ya'll liked it...NYC's gonna be crazy...I been watching movies...When I watch movies, my mind creates things...Scary...I lost my favorite glasses this week...SUCKS!...I'll get em back by hook or crook...somebody says I don't show love to my fans!?!?...Ha!...Should I even address that?...Na...I really need new clothes..."Smokey and Dopehead Do America" might be my new favorite song on the mixtape...Try bumping that in the ride, its a whole new effect...I'm officially skinny...Ha! Random...If you hit me on AIM and I don't respond, that means its NOT me signed on (doesnt mean someone else isnt)...If you hit me on myspace and I don't respond, that means I didn't read the message (doesn't mean someone else didn't)...if you hit me on facebook, i'm probably not gonna respond...Ha! I hate facebook, sorry, i'm barely ever on there...Best way to get at me This is 100% ME...If you tryna do business (fashion, music, shows) hit or ...If you got beats then hit me at My week was pretty awesome...I saw NOTORIOUS...Wow...Great movie...Surpassed all my expectations...Sadly i didn't record any music this what I took a break...Next weeks gonna be a looooooong week...Yo I need a winter jacket...I hate the snow..." Can't Tell Me Nothing" by Kanye West was my theme song this week...watching Purple Rain inspired me this week...told you bout me and movies...Oliver! inspired Alexis..."Boy For Sale" might be the best song EVER!...Ha! Lance said the phrase "My whittest of friends dig your lyrics man"...Uh...Ok. Ha!... "Swag", "swagger", or any variation of the term should be removed from hip-hop language for good...Until next week...i'm out.


P.S- Jourdan Dunn & Chanel Iman are in the new Marc Jacobs catalouge...Ha!


Anonymous DJ Rellz said...

fuck a bitch ass nigga son..tryna shit on ur fans fam..u not respeced..niggas promised to do a track for me and never returned the love bak b..kept sayin he had me..dont say u got a ngiga then bluff about situation jus be a real nigga and say u gotta do shit.u cant even show ngigas that fuck wit ur music no love..u a grimey nigga b.mickey show character..niggas like u never goin get a deal

12:56 PM  
Blogger N-EIGHT said...

LOL @ the guy above me, *CurT@!n$* i know damn well you show love, keep doin u sir.

5:04 PM  
Blogger Vintage T said...

LOL yeah he def does show love, i know first hand..keep doing ya thing

5:32 PM  
Anonymous DJ Rellz said...

yall all dickridn this nigga man fuck out here..he never show love..he a real bitch nigga..paid homey some bread and couldnt do trak..ya ight..imma see u curtains in the streets 1 of these das,..its a wrap..dnt be at quad wit heatmakers lil homey//tight jean wearin crew can get it too no homo

9:11 PM  
Blogger *CurT@!n$* said...

Is this dude serious? Paid who? Who are you? Stop lying to these people fam. I never took no money, I dont know you and I know not of what you speak of. If we was spose to do business, then you know how to reach me, other than that you sound stupid leaving all these comments.
P.S- i'm easy to reach homie.

10:05 AM  
Blogger Lou Pay said...

WOW/SMH/LMFAO @ the "dj".

dont even worry bout dat niqqa!!?!? yoo! he tryna get a buzz ya'll! don't peep his lame asss music! (: keep doin ya thang dope boy c!!!!! owwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!

6:50 AM  

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