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The Great Adventures of Dope Boy C: WHSL Rebel Radio- Behind the music

Return of the Killer Goldiggers- If you heard "Dope City Vol. 1" then you know the stars of the show were the killer goldiggers. I had to bring em back one more time. They still hate me! Ha!

The Legend of Bagger Dope- Redwine played me this beat back in September. I told him don't play it for anybody else! I went to a studio session and a whole bunch of rappers where there. Soon as I walk in somebody goes "uh oh there go Curtains". I thought it was hilarious. Nobody wanted to rap after I came, so I started chanting to myself the whole session- "These niggas is nervous... Uh oh! There go Curtains!" I thought I'd just make fun of rappers real quick. Perfect way to start the cd.

The Dope Supremacy- 1st line says it all- IF YA'LL TIRED OF THAT OKEY DOKEY...AND WANNA HEAR FLY SHIT- GO SEE DOPEY! Thats where my head was at this whole process. I thought everything sucked and the people just needed something real refreshing. That Roots song "Get Busy" was my shit, so I just thought I go in real quick. Honestly my favorite song on the whole tape.

The Rebel- The song that made me even do this tape. If you been following me for a while, you'd know this song is like 4 years old! I did this way back in '05. I used to perform it every show and people would go crazy. Funny cuz I've never put out the actual song. I felt the time was right and the moment was perfect. I did this in Philly at Don Will's crib. He musta played me 1000 beats. This was THE ONE! Literally I laid it down in 10-15 minutes. The rhymes and the hook just came to me. Thats what I was feeling at the time.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Dope- A bottle of Moet, some Tom Ford shades, a sick ass Hot Dolla beat - and this is what you get. If you listen closely i'm hella intoxicated recording this, thats why I sound so damn extra aggressive. Ha! I said "Swag" I officially hate that word. This was a reaction to someone sayin something bout the way I dress as opposed to my raps. I was basically lettin em know- DONT GET IT FUCKED UP! I get busier than anybody you know!

The Last Dope Scout- Yo ima keep it real. Tyrese had this beat in his itunes. I straight up stole it. Swiped it right out the itunes into my zip drive. The producer's name said Sic One. I gave him his credit, but I dont even know him. This is an open dis record. All the imaginary or living wack rappers- this one's for you. Ha! I don't do the rap beef thing, but I had to just make a quick jab at everybody! Now back to the music.

American Dopery X- This is one of the joints I already had before we started the tape. This is Ody's favorite joint so I had to put it on there. "You talkin all that funny shit- what happen to the joke?/ When Curtains come down- see what happen to the show"

The Cajan Coffe House- I knew to make it official, I had to have a commercial. In Great Adventures style. I found 2 of the funniest people I knew. Soon as I heard the "This is Conrad..." I knew it was gonna be something crazy. I let them do them and this is what happened. Shouts to Greg, Vasha and the weedman. Ha! "Better come and get these biscuits..."

Night of The Living Dope (Johnny's Revenge)- This is another joint that was old. I did it like October '07. The video was actually shot before I even knew I was doing this mixtape. Lex played me that Timbaland "Bounce" song and I knew that I just HAD to rap on it. I wasn't even puttin out songs, I just had to rap on it. It was that serious. "911 CALL THE OPERATOR"

Smokey and Dopehead Do America- Another Redwine joint. He played this by accident and being the beat swiper I am, I just stole it out his beat machine. Its not even programmed right, fuck it. I figured I needed Smoke & Numbers on this. Those are my brothers and they basically been on my last 3 tapes. Numbers couldn't get the record back in time so it turned out to be me and smoke. That old Original Flavor call and response did it for me. I love call and response records. " They wish I fall off like skee-lo" HA!

You Thought E.T Was Something- Redwine again. In the middle of him doing this beat, I walk and tell him to stop. Stop everything, bounce that beat down and dump it into protools. He tried to fight me and say it wasnt done. Fuck that, it was done to my ears. I like goin off on simple loops. Its more fluid. This is that real Dope Boy C flow. "And my cousin stay fresh like Carlton's- so we say he Torching!" Quick shout out.

Mick & Dope's Excellent Adventures- So the real story is this: Mickey was in LA. My man Omarr over at Will Smith's company Overbrook likes Mickey's music. Mickey came to LA and I figured i'd link them. O told me that Will's nephew K. Smith was recording and that him and Mickey should do something. We get to the studio and K tells me to pick the beat we gon rhyme to. Mickey pulls me to the side and says that he wants to rap over some rock shit. I knew there was no way in hell I was gonna get K to rhyme on a rock record. So I brainstormed and came up with the best solution. Prodigy. Best rock/rap beats ever. I pick the "Breathe" joint and the 3 of us begin to write our verses. Mickey goes 1st. He lays his verse down and comes back in the room happy. He felt like he just bodied it. I looked at him- said "You done?" then went in the booth. I could see everyones face in the room (Had to be bout 20 people there)...Soon as I come off with the "Danger! Danger! Clear the building..." Everyone's face dropped. I knew no matter who else rapped on this song, I won. I came out the booth and everybody in the room was kinda just silent. K then decided that he's NOT gonna rap on the song!!?!?! I tried to convince him for 20 minutes that he should, but nothing worked. Finally I said fuck it and left. It took me like 2 months to even get the session file out the studio. I went back in and changed a line where I said K. Smiths name. Then I did a Curtains swipe and said fuck it, i'm using it on my mixtape. There you have it.

Dopesters Millions- Aiit so...EVERYBODY rhymed on the "I Get Money" beat. So why can't I? I aint got no millions, but I figured hey- its just rap. This is what I would say if I had all that money. Tyrese's lil brother Savion, we call him Young Hustle. He's always up to something, selling gatorades outside clubs making hella money and he's only like 14. So I figure I shout him out on this joint. When he heard it, he went crazy. This his favorite joint (of course).

Dope Goes To Hollywood- Another older joint. So yeah. I been living in LA for a minute now. Off and on since like '03. A lot of my homies never been out here. I figure I give em a lil tour guide. I was on a rap streak when I did this joint. Tyrese actually picked the beat and said If I was gonna do a LA song, I had to use this beat. I knew Kurupt for a minute and we went at it at Brandy's house one day (Ha! C True Hollywood Stories) I said a rhyme that kinda shut him down. He PROMISED me that he was gonna get me back. Promised me. Little did I know, him and Tyrese been plotting for a minute on how Kurupt was gonna crush me on a song. I didnt see the set-up coming. After I had the joint done, Tyrese goes "Yo, Kurupt is on his way up here to the studio to bring me something. You should play him that LA joint you did and try to get him on it." Hmmmm... great idea. If you hear the intro, its just me talking. I literally was gonna just have him talk on the intro, kinda solidify my LA-ness. Ha! Anyway. Kurupt comes to the studio with the whole fam. I figure, nah I'll play it another day. He comes into the studio room and goes "Aye play me that cali shit u jus did" I still aint see the set up. I played it and he went crazy. Like "Yeah that shit is nuts. Lemme get on that". Who's gonna tell Kurupt no? SO... After about an hour of him going in and out of the studio, talking, checking on the kids, he goes- "Aiit i'm ready". Yooooooo! He went ape shit in the booth. That verse might be his best since I dont know. Ima keep it 100% real, I recorded his vocals and where he stopped at, is because I literally stopped him. He was gonna keep going. SMH. Wasnt til months later did I learn that I was set up. They planned that whole thing, Tyrese already knew I didnt go crazy on this and Kurupt came prepared to mutilate me. I'll get him back one day. Watch.

New Dope City- Incase you forgot where I was from...


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You sir DoPE, are the man. Plain & Simple.

lol btw you kinda look like a way flyer Shyne

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