Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Great Adventures of Dope Boy C: WHSL Rebel Radio- Behind the scenes

So sometime in October I decided to do this mixtape. I had a whole nother mixtape I was working on and I was pumped about that. I was in Atlanta one day and I borrow Torch's computer to go through some pictures. Something in me made me go to his itunes and see what music he had from me in there. The first song that came on was "The Rebel". I might've listened to it for about 10 seconds before it hit me...I never put that record out. Immediately I begin brainstorming. Then I came up with the idea to push back the mixtape I was workin on and put out a mixtape with all hard rapping and crazy beats, no substance, just raps. I felt the game lacked good rapping cuz everyone was stuck on this "im too cool for school" shit. Boom. So I had "The Rebel" and about 5 other joints, I figured i'd name the tape "Rebel Radio".
About a month later I started recording the mixtape. The 1st joint I did was "You Thought E.T Was Something". The day it came out, I literally did it the day before. By then we had already been puttin out records online and the response was crazy. I then decided that I should keep the whole "Great Adventures of Dope Boy C" series going. Then the official title was born: The Great Adventures of Dope Boy C: WHSL Rebel Radio. Ha! What a title. The video for "Night of The Living Dope" was already shot, so I decided that this was gonna be the 1st "single" from the mixtape. After the insane response from the video, I knew I had to do something else to turn it up a bit. I was at Starbucks on a sunday afternoon when someone at the next table started talking about something they heard on the radio. I thought to myself- "Who the fuck listens to the radio still?" Then Boom! the idea hit me..."I should do my own radio show!". I rode my bike home, got on the phone with Steve-O for about an hour and figured out how to get it done.
With the cover I wanted to keep it real old school radio. The old record cover looking dusty joint was perfect. It looks like a record thats been sitting in a crate for years. Faded colors, Old school fonts. Perfect. The tracklisting might be my favorite thing. I'm only upset that only 4 joints didnt have "Dope" in the title. I wanted EVERY song to have "Dope"in the title, and i'm a movie buff so I just jacked old movie titles and flipped em on some fly shit. "American Dopery X" might be the best title ever! Ha! Last friday I burned the 1st copy of the mixtape and sat in the car for bout 2 hours just listening to it. I felt accomplished. To me it sounded incredible. It was everything I wanted it to be plus a lil more. I hope ya'll enjoy it as much as I do. -DoPE


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