Sunday, December 28, 2008

Go Baby!

She loves me, she loves me more
Amour me, she assures
She adores me
Even when it's up and down like see-saw
Surely, we can start from scratch like default
When they say you're not my baby like Maury
You can tell 'em that they're telling a story
Testify like you're telling a jury
And I'll repeat like you said it before me
We undefeated like a veteran army
And we as heavy as an elephant, aren't we?
Let's take 'em to the zoo, or better yet a safari
They want me to leave my Dame like the fella from Marcy (No!)
But we go way back like a set of Atari's
From baby fat 'til we skeletons darling
"Me" starring "You" is what it says on the marquee
So let's go give them a show, on my heart, get set, go!
Go Baby, Go Baby, Go Baby....

-"Go Baby" Lupe Fiasco


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