Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hip-Hop !

Last night I went to a dope concert featuring Pac Div, U.N.I, 87 Stick Up Kids, Hollywood Holt, Taz Arnold, Million Dollar Mano, Diz Gibran, and Dom Kennedy. Dope shit. All of L.A's fresh kids came out. It was a lovely night. (Pics courtesy of Chad Wilson) **Pics came out pretty big so click on them for full image**

U.N.I rocking out..

Hollywood Hold goin off...

Dom Kennedy promoting...

Pac Div killin it... (Everybody backstage came onstage for this one...*DoPE* center stage! Ha!)

Jameson, Dice and Taz bout to go in...

CurT@!n$ being CurT@!n$...

Hollywood, Dice, and Thurzday crackin up...

CurT@!n$, Taz, and Bailey aka The 3 Kings...Plotting... Ha!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the picture of CurT@!n$ being CurT@!n$ just turns me on! It caught me off guard when I first saw it all I could do was stare I just like the way that gucci, ysl, and lv just mesh together...mmmm

10:00 PM  

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