Friday, July 06, 2007

New Music!!!!

I Jus updated my myspace page with new music!!! Snuck 2 joints off the new mix-tape "The Great Adventures Of Dope Boy C: Dope City Vol. 1" Ya'll know the lil snippet I had on my page forever ( Clap! Clap! 1 time) well the full joint is up, its called "Word of Advice" and another joint called "Can I Get Down?" both from the new mixtape...also a joint from the album "Its a Beautiful Life", the joint is a relationship song for all my ladies out there who say niggas dont know how to communicate. Its called "I Promise"...check em out and hit me up and lemme know what ya'll think. Oh yeah my myspace url has changed, its now so hit me up, add me, add your favorite song and keep supporting! Oh yeah i almost forgot that song "Show Off" on my page is the official theme song to "Style Fest" a new car racing show on ESPN starting July 10th, so check you local listings for that and tune in!!! I stay on my grind, even if u dont hear new music from me often, dont mean it aint there, its just the politics of this game, i cant let it all out yet. But as much as i can, i will! Love is Love...*DoPE!*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

word of advise, you should allow your music to be added to people pages. thats how you get more spins, move up the myspace music charts and get more awareness for you and what you do. doing this will make your music more viral and allow a more broad scale of people to hear your stuff than just the people who know your URL

11:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

finally...took you long enough

7:55 PM  

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