Saturday, June 30, 2007


Laying much on my mind...million miles away from home...If i had a hug right now from certain people a huge smile would grace my face, but i'm a million miles away from coming along has its ups and downs...could be better but it sure as hell coulda been worse...this weekend is sentimental to me...this weeks been hectic....BET awards were wack...Claudia Jordan is the baddest bitch alive...havent drank or smoked in 3 months....lost weight...working out is better than its ever been...still hustling...still struggling...still searching....but i'm all good...dont mind me im just rambling off...aint really use my camera since i got it but i will start to i promise....but check this out...stumbled upon this pic on someone's myspace page...

Things cant be that bad? Lol...Well i'm on my love me or leave me alone shit...shit i'm living in Hollywood now...but like Smoke's away message stated "Chickens I twisted, see the digits unlisted. The beeper done changed...You're dead bitch the reaper done came!" Hahahahahaha...catch me if you can, or if you even know how to...i'm too tall to act small! New blog poppin off but I gotta wait on a certain somebody to give me the o.k to release the info. I feel shout-out-ish so here it goes. Short but sweet: Torch & Ody (You already know! July 13th!) L.T.E (I could be nice when i want to and you need to be a lil bit nicer, stop being a trouble aint no gangsta! Lol...I miss the shit out of you) Tiff da Gift (Damn its only been a year? Shit! Feels like you been here forever, thats how much of a great friend you are! Miss you like crazy fuck face) Kalilah (Damn nigga you in the motherland! Oooops i said "nigga"...nah but i know you enjoying Africa, even tho this been a tough week, you'll be aiit...proud of you sis) International A (Nigga you missed the BET awards? What? You settling down on me? nah son, we spose to run this shit! missed a week of fun) Shana Banana (thought you hated me for a sec...but i rather you hate me, than me be fake. P.S-T.I's album SUCKS! lol...miss you jerkface) Dj CLark Kent (We gotta get rich this year, well in your case richer! lol...more kicks! more kicks! more kicks!) Kavachi (whattup! whattup!) Chantel (we family now!) Mello (We stylin on em) Smoke (we gone hollywood! lmao...great minds think alike!) Numbers (we need to be in more videos!) Den 10 (Who That? Who That?) Hollywood T (Ya boy got the Iphone! lol) P. Dizzy (Stop bullshittin and come out here) Ms. Panama (Where my pictures at??? And fix ya bum ass phone, its still ringing!) Jah, Tati, Umpa, Yanna, Smoothy, Amira, Najah (where the fuck you been?) Khy, Mickey Factz (Word to my state I.D) Steve-O, Izzy Gets Busy (you's a superstar!) Plain Pat, Ferris, MiMI, Dice, Manny, Sade (where is my fucking care package?) Ghost 98 (slim up the pants my lord) SHowcase (where u hiding) Bless, Ko, Spenn, Sytos, Water, Smurf, Itchy, Top, Spidey, Jalen (lemme hear a verse?) Hi- Roller, Legacy, My ATL crew, My Miami crew, Ghostwridah (lemme borrow that jet?) My LA crew, My Chicago crew, My DC crew, My Virginia crew, My Philly crew, My Delaware crew, My New Orleans crew, Tyrese aka Black Ty, Ginuwine, Tank, Stix, Luke, Q, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes (THE MOTHERFUCKING MISSLE!!!!), Jamie Foxx, Lonnie, Brandy (Whoooooo!!!! wait til they hear that SHIIIIT!), Ray-J, Charlie Mack, BeBe, G.P, Life 9, Gyrlfriend (quiet as kept, i might be ya'll biggest fan), Red Cafe, Dolla, Greasy, Jellyroll, Seige, Wally, G.X, Ray, Fontleroy, Rob Knox, 1500, ALIEN, ASAP, Watts City Mafia (Death to a hater!) A.L, Mike Mike, Nasty, myspace, highsocietylife, Coodie, A.Z, my Moms, Pops, Shelly, Rachel, my whole fam...everybody i love and everybody who loves me...PEACE!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

babes im still in the "trying" phase of settling down. I"ll be in atl next week... Im sure I'll have a story for you.. Maybe 3 if you know what I mean... It's his bday, smh, here we go.

12:31 AM  
Blogger ShanaB. said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

7:00 PM  
Blogger ShanaB. said...

miss u 2 gaylord fyi-i loved the BET awards stop being a hater!

7:01 PM  

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