Monday, November 13, 2006

It's The Shoes Video Shoot! Official!!!

It's official, "It's The Shoes" is coming to a youtube near you sooner than you thought. The final day of shooting will be this thursday at the Alphabet Lounge on Ave. C bet. 6th and 7th st. in Alphabet City. Come one, come all, but please WEAR YOUR ILLEST PAIR OF NIKES!!! Now this is a regular club night and the club has a $3 cover charge, We here at The High Life have no say on that fee, but come out and have a ball as we party and dance the night away in celebration of the sneaker culture. This is the OFFICIAL video shoot! LIVE TAPING WILL BE IN EFFECT SO COME CLEAN, BUT REMEMBER ONLY NIKE SNEAKERS WILL MAKE IT IN THE VIDEO, SO PULL THOSE O.G'S AND EXCLUSIVES OUT THE CLOSET!!! I can't wait! *DoPE!*


Anonymous U already know... said...

It is going to be soooo crazy in there, and I am sure this video will be even more dope than the last!! I am soooo there!!! Stay Dope! You are going to have dudes running to fight club to get their kick game up!! Muah!! (put it in your pocket)

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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