Monday, April 05, 2010

Down the Tubes...

I had a spur of the moment "meeting" with Brand Jordan (in all actuality I crashed my man Chace Infinite's meeting but whatever), anyway I drilled them about how wack they were and how they were killing the legacy of the brand. They tried to convince me that these KO's were gonna be the saving grace... Well I finally get to see em and I think they are weak. They're not 100% wack, don't get me wrong, theres a free pair in the mail coming to me and i'm gonna wear em bout 1nce, but c'mon- These are JORDAN 1's!!! All they had to do was look at the countless hipsters running round with a beat up pair of 1's on, buy a pair off one of em (I offered to sell em my black/blue's) and duplicate what a true vintagely worn sneaker looks like. I'm sayin if you gonna go you might as well go all the way. Ok thats all.


Anonymous eL.Ay said...

lol agreed! im doggin the other colorway out as we speak

9:12 PM  

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