Tuesday, March 30, 2010


"Top let back, shades over eyes
people sayin that a nigga changed over night
how could you see a change when you never saw inception
thats like tryna teach when you never learnt the lesson
tryna piece the puzzle when you missing all the corners
shit dont be adding up, I think you missing some more numbers
People passing off opinions like thats fact
then they say you arrogant if you clap back
young boy, kindergarden with my napsack
I was born to shine homie never matte black
Man I tell you it aint easy
perception starts to change when they seeing you on tv
yesterday i wasnt shit all of a sudden im appealing
she dont understand the joke but she laughing to appease me
im lookin like a come up, she just hope her ladder reach me
she just want a taste, but I pick up my pace and run"
-CurT@!n$ "Runnin"


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