Saturday, May 16, 2009

CurT@!n$ on the Krazy Kidz Radio Show in Oakland


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo dope congrats on everything, 1st off I would just like to say you are one of the flyest in the game,u started early on with the kicks thing way be4 all the posing and so called retro phasing thing,u did the old school clothing in taste and not in a sense it looked forced or costume like,i love the fact you wear things such as hermes, bennetton,coca cola, vintage dior,etc and last but not least . . . the musiccc is real its refreshing,very refreshing, very early 90's type redman,cube(with the jheri curl boyz n the hood era) lyrical but playful wordplay, keep it coming and you gonna blow up, the real ones always get looked at after the weak ones are done

9:19 PM  

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