Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Can I Live?

I'm jealous of this dude! I wish I was outta space right now...away from here at least....I wonder what it's like out there? Wonder whats there to do...Random I know...I been writing like i'm out of my mind lately...Like real good raps...real good...My minds in space right now...I like it that way...New mixtape is damn near done...I took my time with this one...i dug deep to find that "voice" to say what was spose to be said...If I offend anybody with my words...fuck it...i've been real distant lately...just brainstorming... thinking...deciphering my DaVinci code...Went to a cool museum the other day and saw an exhibit that really put my mind to work..."Nine Lives" was the exhibit and it was awesome...found a new dope artist Charles Irvin...Google him, he's the truth! Also checked out a French exhibit with some Lautrec and Daumier pieces...Back when I was doing Art history in college, Lautrec was all my teacher was into, so it was dope to revisit some of his work...I'm getting back to drawing something serious lately, maybe i'll show some of my pieces...maybe not...Make sure you check out Torch's blog (www.beerandfashion.blogspot.com) He's getting busy with the pictures...Other than that, i'm just in my shell, chillin.


Blogger L&F said...

I get that man, I feel like right now everybody who is on any kind of path for anything is getting tested. What we all forget from time to time is that when you are facing adversity it should be used as motivation to do that much better and try that much harder. Malcolm went away for a while after his falling out with the honorable Elijah Muhammad but when he came back he was a better man... SoHo

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