Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"It's A Beautiful Life"- CurT@!n$

"Such a beautiful life/ I just stare up at the stars- Gosh! such a beautiful night/ All i need in this world is my beautiful wife/ and make sure my crew is aiit, then i'm good/ My niggas know I care for em/ 'told Torch i'll be there for him/ Ody know I got a 'mil for him/ tell Water its a kite in the mail for him/ Niggas phoney but my crew know i'm real for em/ Used to play the Vegas strip too young to gamble/ starin at the lights then I became the candle/ plans to make it rich- more money that I could handle/ You see this Fame? Aint nothing I cant handle/ Bingy tellin me that we too strong/ Clark told me keep, keep on/ I don't plan on loosing/ So i just watch my movements/ and try not to smudge my suede Puma's/ High Society Life, got the whole world eyeing it/ jeans sag low- a product of my environment/ I'm from Crown Heights- where niggas dont live to see another day, when I could afford to live a day 2ce/ Switching time zones-a nigga take flights/ a nigga doin good/ cuz a nigga understood/ and a nigga overseen what was written for me/ Breathe!/ Watch how the sun glisten on me/ IT'S A BEAUTIFUL LIFE"

-CurT@!N$ "It's A Beautiful Life"


Anonymous a2b said...

your slowly growing on me more and more...beautiful

1:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you better be sampling ace of bass for this one!


4:13 PM  
Blogger FlyingFISH said...

wonder how the rest of the track will sound[..] you said you were a better [record] maker than [straight] grimey rapper[.] i want to see that side [of Show Stopper] lol

7:55 PM  
Anonymous Mookie said...

that line about reliving a day twice and switching time zones mauh... the fly been inspirational since 06

1:15 PM  

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