Tuesday, March 10, 2009

25 Random Things About DoPE

1. My favorite color is Orange
2. I collect shopping bags from high end stores
3. I am a cheeseburger connoisseur
4. My magazine/Book collection is bigger than the average newstand
5. I've never drove a day in my life
6. I'm super OCD.
7. I could spend 2 hours on Flickr just looking at random pictures and have the best time ever
8. " I Want to Go Outside In The Rain" by The Stylistics has the highest play count in my itunes
9. I can quote the movie "Belly" line for line from top to bottom
10. I HATE the summer time
11. I used to be outspoken, now I just don't speak. People don't know how to take the truth, so I just laugh at them on the inside
12. I pray more times a day than I could count
13. Best city i've ever been to was Louisville, Kentucky
14. I have 2 build-a-bear's and they both have name brand clothing/accessories
15. At 8 years old I was playing Mozart's Symphony #40 by memory on the piano
16. I have a strange obsession with flowers
17. I hardly ever defend myself (say/think what you want about me, I could care less)
18. I like to play dumb and let people think they are getting over on me, its fun
19. On sundays when i'm free, I ride my bike to the newstand and sit outside at starbucks reading for about 2 hours
20. I'm very guarded
21. I give great advice to people but on the flip side I've barely ever asked for advice from anyone
22. When I was 5 I wanted to be a cop, by the time I turned 6 i knew I was gonna be a rap star
23. I learn a new word everyday
24. I curse alot and I speak very aggressively
25. When you add and subtract the numbers in my birthday, the result is 7/11. How lucky am I?
Ha! Random


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This nigga rite here on your dick hard as a bitch. He hatin dummy hard, wen he does alot of the same shit you do.

5:22 AM  
Blogger Rekstizzy said...

hate the summer????????

6:43 AM  
Blogger Lula said...

i like #18.

Robert Greene, 48 laws of powers says, play a sucker to catch a sucker, seem dumber than your mark.

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

damn. you never drove before? i guess that's not that big of a deal since you're from nyc, but how do you get around in la like that?

10:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

his team drives in some fly as cars at that.

5:12 PM  
Anonymous a2b said...

word....i love the way u make the simplest of subjects seem so interesting. love wat u do CurT@!n$
moch love from the uk xx

8:11 AM  

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